The 14 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls Ever Sold

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Is this thing on? In case you've have been living under perhaps the biggest rock ever, it's now been a little over a month since the most hyped and anticipated blockbuster movie weekend battle in recent history—Barbie vs Oppenheimer. In the month since, Barbie has gone on to become the highest-grossing film for Warner Bros., and Oppenheimer experienced its fair share of box office success as well. Now that the dust has settled a bit, today we're going to be focusing on the Barbie brand—specifically the most expensive Barbie dolls ever sold.

There's obviously been a lot of attention as of late on the history of Barbie and its respective dolls/collections, with many wondering what exactly are the most expensive Barbie's ever sold. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Below are the most expensive Barbie's sold to date. Enjoy this blast to the past and the shocking amount people have shelled out to own these rare items.

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14. Barbie and the Rockers Barbie (1985) - $170

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Released in 1985, the Barbie and the Rockers collection was mid-1980s Madonna, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and Cyndi Lauper to the fullest. Fun, flirty, fresh and oh so 1980s. Not only was the fashion super fun, but apparently each doll had a cassette tape that actually played songs. Cool right?

13. Totally Hair Barbie (1991) - $275

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Rapunzel didn't have anything on Totally Hair Barbie, who debuted in 1991 and made its impact. Considered to be a valuable Vintage Barbie, the asking price for the few left tend to be around the $270 to $300 mark. Why this has remained in the minds of Barbie lovers and collectors for song long over other dolls/collections? We do not know, but it is very much coveted.

12. Pink Splendor Barbie (1966) - $530

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When the Pink Splendor Barbie was released in celebration of the doll's 35th anniversary in 1996, it was limited to just ten thousand pieces worldwide. At the time of its release, the doll was being sold for $900 retail, and was renowned for it's satin delicate pink gown, exquisite bodice, and glittery rhinestones. Don't get it twisted, you still have to pay top dollar for Pink Splendor Barbie, and it could very well continue to move up on the list of most expensive ever sold.

11. Color Magic Barbie (1966) - $750

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This Color Magic Barbie from 1966 is another one that could move up further on this list in the future as it has been known to command between $750 and $2,000 from various sellers/markets. It's not hard to see why either—we're talking about an authentic Barbie from the 1960s that has a legit 1960s look.

10. Devi Kroell Barbie (2010) - $1,075

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Back in 2010, Mattel teamed up with luxury fashion house Devi Kroell for an epic high fashion collaboration, the final result of which was the Devi Kroell Barbie, which sold for $1,075 at a charity auction for the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Devi Kroell, of course, is known for their high-end handbags, and this Barbie had beautiful one.

9. Pink Jubilee Barbie (1989) - $1,300

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You can find the Pink Jubilee Barbie for roughly $1,300 on the secondary market as it's quite rare. The doll was released in celebration of Barbie's 30th anniversary in 1989, and features voluminous hair, and silver dress, and dangling earrings.

8. Enchanted Evening Barbie (1961) - $1,720

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A good condition of this Vintage Barbie from 1961 is currently going for $1,634. We'll have to see in the months/years to come if this Barbie movies further up on the list in terms of value, or if it stays where it's at right now.

7. Marie Antoinette Barbie (2003) - $1,250 - $3,500

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As you can imagine, this Marie Antoinette Barbie from 2003 is in high demand with its Marie Antoinette styled hair, large blue gown, and jewelry. The last record of the doll being sold was through eBay for around $1,250, but there are some sellers who's minimum asking price is $3,500. If someone pays that one day, we could very well see this doll move up in the ranking.

6. Brunette Ponytail Barbie (1959/1960) - $6,750

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Look familiar? That's because you've seen Margot Robbie wearing a copy of this swimsuit showcased on the Brunette Ponytail Barbie from 1960 in the promo clips for the Barbie movie. It's possible that once the film comes out, the value of this doll will rise significantly. Without the box and accessories, you can get the doll for about $400. With it? Well, somebody shelled out almost $7,000 for it in 2013. So yeah.

5. Lorraine Schwartz Barbie (2010) - $7,500

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Obviously anything Lorraine Schwartz is going to cost some dough, and dough was definitely spent as this Barbie (who was styled by the designer as part of a collaboration between Mattel and the Council of Fashion Designers of America) went for a jaw dropping $7,500 at a charity auction to help raise money for breast cancer.

4. Gala Abend Barbie (1965) - $9,148

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The original Edna Mose. Kidding! The Gala Ablend Barbie was released in 1965, and has become another highly coveted rare Barbie. Adhering to its gala name, the Barbie itself features brunette hair, a long coat with a matching dress, and gloves. Make no mistake, when this Barbie is available, it's super expensive. Like almost 10k expensive.

3. Barbie #1 (1959) - $27,450

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Here we go again with this swimsuit, except this vintage Barbie bares even more of a resemblance to Margot Robbie. Throw in the glasses, and you have the exact look from the trailer/promo clips. If there's any one doll bound to shoot up exponentially after Barbie comes out, it's this one. Long before the Barbie movie, however, somebody paid $27,450 for an original 1959 version. Wow.

2. De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie (1999) - $85,000

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In 1999, Mattel partnered with De Beers, one of the world's leading diamond companies, for a collaboration in celebration of it's 40th anniversary. An incredibly rare Barbie that the general public never had a shot at snagging, the doll sold for $85,000 at an auction.

1. Stefano Canturi Barbie (2010) - $302,500

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And if you thought the $85k price tag on the De Beers Barbie was hefty, the Stefano Canturi Barbie sold for $302,500 in 2010. Why was it so expensive you ask? The diamonds baby. The doll rocked a Canturi neckpiece that was made of up of 3.00 carats of white diamonds, and a 1.00ct square emerald pink diamond that was a rarety. The square emerald pink diamond alone was enough to drive the price up, and the result was the most expensive Barbie ever sold to date.

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