The Top 2023 MLB Prospects and Their Cards to Look Out For

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After the dramatic finish to the World Baseball Classic, the 2023 Major League Baseball season is upon us. All 30 franchises are ready to get back and compete for the Fall Classic, and with that the top 2023 MLB prospects look to get their careers off to a flying start.

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While fans await to see how superstars like Shohei Ohtani, Julio Rodriguez and Aaron Judge play, there are dozens of top prospects gearing up for a debut this season. Some of these names may not be on your radars yet, but they will soon become the faces of their respective franchises.

Furthermore, “prospecting” has become an increasingly popular way of collecting baseball cards. Products like Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft give fans and hobbyists a chance to own rare cards before these players reach the show. In turn, these early cards have the potential to hold immense value; case in point, Mike Trout’s 1st Bowman Chrome Superfractor sold for $3.8 million in 2020.

Today, we will be breaking down the top 2023 MLB prospects heading into the season, while also showcasing different ways collectors can acquire their valuable Bowman cards.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Note: We are excluding players who already have a Topps flagship trading card. This is to highlight the benefits of Bowman prospecting.

1. Jordan Walker

jordan walker
Left: The Athletic, Right: CardLadder

Kicking off our list of top 2023 MLB prospects, Jordan Walker showed Cardinals fans during Spring Training that they have a bright future ahead.

The 6’5”, 220-pound hit machine batted .277 during spring ball, which included several extra-base hits on MLB aces. Now, he’s been activated to the team’s Opening Day roster, bringing more power to the heart of the lineup.

Walker first appeared in 2020 Bowman Draft, and his market has seen an immense uptick in the last three months. While his 1st Bowman PSA 10 Autograph has sold for as high as $1,800, but you can pick one up currently in the $1,400-$1,500 range. 

2. Anthony Volpe

anthony volpe
Left: CardLadder, Right: Bleacher Report

Anthony Volpe is another player with superstar potential. The shortstop has Jeter-esque qualities, and he too will be in the pinstripes on Opening Day. While he has been overshadowed by fellow prospect Jasson Dominguez in many aspects, the New Jersey product is starting to get his spot in the limelight.

This Bowman Sapphire Volpe Autograph is a great card if you want to invest seriously in the budding star, but he has other signatures in sets like Bowman’s Best, Bowman Platinum and Bowman Sterling. Volpe will also likely have a flagship Topps rookie card this summer.

3. Elly De La Cruz

elly de la cruz
Left: eBay, Right: CBS Sports

In only a year, De La Cruz has quickly climbed the ranks of every MLB prospect list. Towering at 6’5”, the Reds stud has similar athletic qualities to Pirates SS Oneil Cruz, and both of them have tremendous upside. De La Cruz has fast-tracked his way to the majors; he is now projected to make an MLB debut sometime this summer.

As a result of his incredible play, De La Cruz’s card market has soared in recent months. However, you can still pick up this 1st Auto for $200-300. If graded a PSA 10, that card would likely triple in value.

4. Andrew Painter

andrew painter
Left: eBay, Right: 6ABC

A team who struggled with pitching during the 2022 World Series may have found their answer with Andrew Painter. The 6’7” hurler may not get the nod this year, but he has the velocity and presence on the mound to dominate baseball’s most competitive division.

Many of Painter’s autographs were short-printed in 2021 Bowman Draft. Consequently, they have retained their value well. This PSA 9 auto sold for nearly $300 back in 2022, providing a strong example of a pitcher selling well in the trading card market.

5. Marcelo Mayer

marcelo mayer
Left: Probstein Auctions, Right: NBC Sports

Marcelo Mayer has the ability to bring new life and rejuvenate a struggling Red Sox team. The 20-year-old will start his 2023 campaign with the single-A Greenville Drive, but that will likely change if he strings together some solid performances. Within a few years, Mayer will likely be the catalyst of Boston’s lineup.
This blue refractor, which is numbered to 150 copies, last sold for $561. If you’re a long-term believer in young Marcelo, then a card like this one may be worth investing in.

6. Grayson Rodriguez

grayson rodriguez
Left: eBay, Right: The Denver Post

Oftentimes, position players have a stronger trading card market than pitchers. However, Grayson Rodriguez has the talent that makes Orioles fans and prospectors want to invest in him. The right-hander won't start his season at Camden Yards, but he is slated to make his professional debut sometime this year. Until then, collectors can find his 1st Bowman Autograph in 2018 Bowman Draft.

7. Jackson Chourio

jackson chourio
Left: eBay, Right: Forbes

Jackson Chourio is still a teenager, and he’s already had a card sell publicly for over $20,000. The Brewers CF belted 20 homers in 400 Minor League appearances last year, proving that he has some real pop on his bat. While putting $20,000 in a Chourio card may seem crazy now, it could prove to be a worthwhile investment if he keeps up this level of showtime.

8. Jordan Lawlar

jordan lawlar
Left: eBay, Right: Sports Illustrated

Jordan Lawlar is another player who may not get an immediate call-up, but he will be integral to a young Diamondbacks organization with immense talent. In just a couple of seasons, you could see Lawlar, Druw Jones, Corbin Carroll, and Alek Thomas sending bombs into the upper deck of MLB stadiums.

Lawlar’s market peaked shortly after the release of 2021 Bowman Draft, so now may be a good time to invest in his 1st Bowman Autographs. As an ungraded copy, this refractor auto is one you can pick up for $300-400.

9. Brett Baty

brett baty
Left: eBay, Right: AP Photo/Hakim Wright Sr.

After the recent call-up of catcher Francisco Alvarez, all eyes are on Brett Baty. The 6’3’ third baseman has all the tools to break out in 2023, so we will see if he can be a factor in the Mets lineup. Baty’s 1st Bowman comes from 2019 Bowman Draft, and you can own a true blue refractor like this one for around $850.

10. Jasson Dominguez

jasson dominguez
Left: Probstein Auctions, Right: Getty Images

While “The Martian” may not be called up this season, he has already demonstrated unparalleled potential during spring training. Dominguez is colossal, a 20-year-old who looks to pummel every baseball that comes his way. A Dominican Republic native, he signed a $5.1 million contract with the Yankees in 2019. El Marciano still isn’t projected to reach the majors for another year, but those projections may change if he keeps up this level of play.

Since Dominguez first appeared in 2020 Bowman, his market has been robust. In fact, the prospect has a card that sold for nearly $500,000, yet he hasn’t taken an at-bat in Yankee Stadium. If you want to buy in to him before he reaches superstar status, this Bowman 1st Refractor Autograph is a $1,500 card with tremendous upside.

Which prospect on our list of top 2023 MLB prospects did we miss? Who are you investing in heading into the 2023 season? Let us know @CardTalkPod on Instagram and Twitter!

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