Trading Sports Cards: How One Collector Turned $1 into $30k

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Do you enjoy trading sports cards? If so, we have a story for you!

Last spring, content creator Kyle Kravitz had $1 he wanted to spend at a trading card show.

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“I had seen other collectors talk about trading up their cards, but no one I knew had fully documented the process,” said Kravitz, who creates content on his Instagram page, @kingofthekards. “I really went in with the intention of having fun with it, and many local collectors got on board and wanted to see [the challenge] grow.”


A Tampa native, Kravitz started the challenge at a show in Clearwater, Florida by purchasing a Bo Bichette rookie card for a buck. The card was short-printed, making it worth $15-20. He sold the Bichette rookie to another collector for $12, and the snowball began to form.

He began navigating the room, and before he knew it, that George Washington morphed into Benjamin Franklin. For the rest of 2022, Kravitz would work on the challenge sporadically when making content at shows. This included pit stops in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Atlantic City, home of last year’s National. Before he knew it, he had accumulated thousands of dollars worth of cards, ranging from popular rookies to rare autographed pieces.

How did he do it? Kravitz’s answer is simple.

“Just like any other work environment, you have the opportunity to network and meet people,” he said. “For me, it was about being patient, being consistent, and having fun throughout. There were shows where I didn’t do a single deal for the challenge, but there were shows that really brought it along.”

Instagram was another powerful selling tool for Kravitz. During our interview, he mentioned that he executed some deals while sitting on his couch, which minimized travel expenses. 

Now, 10 months later, the King of the Cards is sitting on an impressive five-digit collection. Let’s take a look at some of the bigger cards from the dollar challenge:

Joe Burrow Donruss Optic Gold Autograph

LeBron James / Kobe Bryant Upper Deck Dual Autograph

Michael Jordan Upper Deck 1/1 Autograph

What’s Next?

The challenge will eclipse the one-year mark in April. Kravitz says he doesn’t necessarily plan on starting over, but he has some new refreshing ideas on sports card-related content.

“I want to cover more behind-the-scenes stuff in the hobby,” Kravitz said. “I plan on emphasizing the day-to-day of running a business and show my viewers how deals and negotiations go down.”

The hobby has certainly spiked in popularity over the last few years. Some have made money, some have lost money and others have generated whole new careers in this industry. Kravitz falls into the last category, and he openly shows how lucrative trading cards can be.

“I’m not naive [to the fact] that dealers have approached me wanting to get involved in the challenge. Still, I’ve tried to keep the same integrity throughout,” he said. “I still think anyone can do this trade-up and find success regardless.”

The overarching theme is this: get to a show, make some deals, meet some people and find out what the hobby is all about.

Do you have any fun stories about trading sports cards? Shoot us a message on Twitter @137pm and let us know!

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