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Who’s the first rapper/singer you think of when the phrase “HE DON’T MISS!” comes to mind? It can be no one other than Toronto, Canada’s very own Drake. The man went from starring in the lowkey fire series Degrassi: The Next Generation to blossoming into one of the biggest stars in all of music. Everyone knows that when you get a feature from the “Champagne Papi” himself, that song will most likely rocket up the charts and become an even better listen because of it. There’s a seemingly endless lineup of tracks that feature a memorable “Drizzy Drake” feature, but we managed to shorten that list down to 52. So without further ado, here are the very best Drake features of all time.

1. ‘Stay Schemin’ with Rick Ross and French Montana

Drake came ready for war as he arrived with plenty of lyrical ammunition for his haters. He especially had a whole lot of energy for Common, who he was beefing with at the time. Drake’s verse on here is extra combative, which is just how we like it. Rick Ross’ Kobe adlib and Drake’s furious vitriol for his adversaries easily make this track an unforgettable banger.

2. ‘Amen’ with Meek Mill

This pre-Meek Mill and Drake beef recorded track flips a familiar Sunday Service tune. And it still slaps to this very day. Drake provided this song with a verse that’s all about the many blessings afforded to him and his loved ones. He also provided a bit of his signature shit-talking with one of the best lines of the song - “Talking bout these other rappers getting old is even getting old.”

3. ‘No Guidance’ with Chris Brown

For some reason, Drake has a penchant for recording some really good music with artists he once hated. After patching things up, he and Chris Brown decided to hop in the studio and provide this sultry R&B tune. The video makes this song even better, by the way! Anyway, Drake taps into his sing-songy vibes as he lovingly describes a special lady in his life that definitely “got it.”

4. ‘Going Bad’ with Meek Mill

This song arrived after Meek Mill and Drake’s beef got left to the wayside. The grown men talk on this tune is inspiring and so is the video that has a bunch of powerful figures in it suited up to perfection. Both rappers flex their mass success here and provide verses full of poignant lines. Drake’s braggadocious style matches the tone of this track wonderfully as he goes “I got more slaps than The Beatles (Beatles)/Foreign shit runnin’ on diesel, dawg/Playin’ with my name, this shit is lethal, dawg.”

5. ‘Work’ with Rihanna

Drake’s undying affection for Ri-Ri comes through every time the both of them are onscreen. While the lovable songstress sings about wanting a deeper connection with her love interest, Drake is only interested in the types of activities that happen underneath the sheets. His verse immaculately breaks down those sentiments and showcases the immense chemistry that both artists have developed over the years.

6. ‘Aston Martin Music’ with Rick Ross and Chrisette Michele

The smoother the track, the better whenever Rick Ross and Drake link up. The name of this track is pretty much directions as it’s letting the listener know that it's perfect for a two-seater with your current lady. Drake does double duty here as he provides a smooth hook alongside Chrisette Michele and a verse that’s still one of his very best. “I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech/Because I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach.” How prophetic.

7. ‘Moment 4 Life’ with Nicki Minaj

Young Money era Drake was and still is a whole vibe. You can tell the man was hungry and always ready to show the world how much of a prime lyricist he could be. On this Nicki Minaj-helmed hit single, Drake delivered a celebratory verse that showed love to his team and the man that brought him into the game. And remember, folks - ‘Cause everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” Now that’s a quotable to live by!

8. ‘Seeing Green’ with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

You can never go wrong when this Young Money/Cash Money trio goes bar for bar on the very same song. In the case of this song, Drake easily stood out as the person with the best verse of ‘em all. What we get from a more seasoned version of Drake here are some major boasts about his career and his riches, plus a fun lil’ verbal break beforehand that produces a line worth living by - “You know, one of the perils of makin’ money is you can afford to be dramatic.” FIRE!

9. ‘Forever’ with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem

Do you know what’s funny? No one can probably tell you the name of the documentary this song is meant for, but they can damn sure tell you the whole lineup of MCs featured on it. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem all came through with incredible verses. And thankfully, so did Drake. Alongside his lyrical workout, Drake also provided a chorus that has the power to inspire anyone to pursue their dreams.

10. ‘Believe Me’ with Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne and Drake usually come together like a championship tag team and dominate any track they hop on. On this early cut featuring the two, Drizzy Drake spoke on the immense potential he showed during his start in the industry and his proud mentor. His masterful verse truly embodies his love for Wayne and how much of a loyal YMCMB soldier he was always willing to be.

11. ‘BedRock’ with Young Money

The late 2000s run of Young Money is the stuff of legend. Lil Wayne signed a bunch of promising artists that started strong as a collective. Their opening salvo of posse cuts was certainly radio-friendly and catchy as all hell. This lovey-dovey single let Drake rap about his special someone with a short and sweet verse that matched the vibes of everyone featured on it.

12. ‘Poetic Justice’ with Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar’s first album is considered a classic and for good reason - it tells the story of Kendrick’s California upbringing via strong production, great features, and K-Dot’s immense lyrical skill. When it came time to speak to the ladies on that album, Drake arrived with a very worthwhile assist. Anytime Drake drops a bunch of fly lines about his latest female infatuation, you know it’s gonna be a good time. And that’s definitely the case here.

13. ‘F**kin’ Problems’ with A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar

Do you guys wanna talk about a great all-star hip-hop cut? Then you gotta mention this fun-loving ode to stunting with a vengeance and having an addiction to the finest of ladies. Drake stepped up to the plate to deliver a home run of a verse that saw him take aim at his rivals and make it clear that he’s willing to “upgrade” his main squeeze at any cost. “I will pay to make it bigger, I don’t pay for no reduction.”

14. ‘Walk It Talk It’ with Migos

The Soul Train vibes that were on full display in the music video for this track truly bring it to life. And once Drake joins the famous “Soul Train Line” to show off his fly footwork, hilarity ensues. But his verse is no laughing matter - Drake provides some momentous bars about ignoring needless beefs, vibing with the Migos, and always staying in his zone.

15. ‘No Frauds’ with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

The Three GOATs of YMCMB came together once again here and produced quite the lyrical assault. Nicki Minaj takes aim at Remy Ma, while Lil Wayne and Drake speak on the highs & lows of their respective careers. Once again, Drake takes MVP honors via his game-winning verse. When someone literally describes the sound of their net worth, you can’t help but feel every bit of that grand proclamation.

16. ‘Sicko Mode’ with Travis Scott

The opening salvo unleashed by Drake here clues you into just how legendary this track will be. The main star featured on this banger gets plenty of time to enter into a higher form of excellence, of course. But Drake gets to slide over two fire instrumentals and damn near take the song for his own. You’ll be left wanting a full version of the beat held up by Drake at the very start of this song every time. But at least you’ll still leave satisfied thanks to his second verse. Never forget, folks - “Checks over Stripes.”

17. ‘Every Girl’ with Young Money

In retrospect, this song has some facepalm-worthy cornball lyrics. Luckily, that’s not the case when Drake pulls up to provide his flirtatious second verse. Young Drizzy harps on his special lady having trouble fitting her immense exterior into some jeans, all the ladies he’s forgotten the names of, and asks a very important question - “Are any of y’all into girls like I am? Les-be-honest!”

18. ‘Pop That’ with French Montana, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne

French Montana knows just who to call when it’s time to produce a track that will dominate the clubs and get a dizzying amount of radio plays. Uncle Luke’s “I Wanna Rock” lays the foundation for this twerking anthem and gives French, Ricky Rozay, Weezy F. Baby, and Drizzy Drake the perfect opportunity to spit some party-friendly bars. Drake’s verse easily commanded the most attention and showcased his swaggiest persona to date, which is “Champagne Papi.”

19. ‘Blessings’ with Big Sean and Kanye West

Gratitude should always be your best attitude. That’s clearly the motto here when Big Sean, Kanye West, and Drake come together for a song that counts their many blessings. Drake makes it clear that he and his crew on this song aren’t making a return & never left, plus he eloquently speaks on those failed individuals that don’t do a whole lot but sure have a lot to say. When he said “I am just worried ‘bout my mama worrying less,” we definitely felt that!

20. ‘Who Do You Love?’ with YG

When Drake links up with West Coast rap artists, greatness ensues. He and YG came together like Voltron here to speak on the immense clout they both possess. Once YG gets done flaunting his power, Drake follows up by doing the same via a fire verse. His whole “too big” diatribe still sticks out in our mind for all the right reasons - “And my name too big and my gang too big/Young Money shit, me and Lil Wayne too big/I’ma crush that ass even if it ain’t too big/I would pinky swear but my pinky ring too big.”

21. ‘No New Friends’ with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross

“No new friends, no new friends/No new friends, no, no new.” That single quotable had everyone and their grandmother screaming it out and living by it through the spring and summer months of 2013. Drake provided that life-changing line, but he also made sure to supply this DJ Khaled-helmed anthem with a memorable verse. That familiar OVO Sound came through heavy here thanks to Drake’s short yet sweet lyrical exercise. “F**k her on the floor ‘fore we make it to the bed/That’s what yo' ass really call started from the bottom.” Well damn, Drake!

22. ‘What’s My Name?’ with Rihanna

Do you know what the world needs right about now? More Rihanna and Drake songs. If we’re going to get any closer to world peace, then they both need to head into the studio and record another ode to love together. Songs like this one are proof that their musical chemistry is undeniable. The way he mentions a mathematical equation and immediately segues into some flirty bars on this song is nothing short of amazing.

23. ‘Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)’ (Remix) with Alicia Keys

Drake arrived on this Alicia Keys gem to give us the best of both worlds, which is his lyrical dexterity and his soft-spoken singing. His bars about fearing a life where he hasn’t met that special one, searching for a woman with substance, and doing the unthinkable for that special lady still resonates years after he spit them. And his soulful vocals alongside Alicia sound oh so wonderful.

24. ‘Love Me’ with Lil’ Wayne and Future

As long as the ladies in these three men’s lives love them, then there’s simply nothing else to care about in this world. That message comes across loud and clear thanks to the combined efforts of this three-man superteam. Drake helps magnify this track’s catchy chorus by joining in alongside Future, which was an early glimpse into the magic both men would eventually create years later.

25. ‘Family Feud’ with Lil Wayne

When Drake starts going in on this track, he speaks on all the biggest issues and feuds that went on at the time. As a very topical song, this remix of the quality Jay-Z original proves to be an incredible lyrical time capsule. Drake makes it clear that solutions need to be made in order to prosper, but things can still be handled on wax if the situation calls for it. Lil Wayne’s verse is equally amazing here, by the way.

26. ‘Versace’ (Remix) with Migos

Drake slid right into the all-powerful Migos flow as if it was always embedded into his rapper DNA. It’s impressive how much he manages to sound like the fourth unofficial member of the Atlanta trio. “I’m tryna give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me (smash!)” Drake verses and Migos ad-libs go together like fine wine and aged cheese. We need more collabs like this ASAP!

Honorable Mentions

27. ‘No Lie’ with 2 Chainz

28. ‘Shit’ with Future and Juicy J

29. ‘Gold Roses’ with Rick Ross

30. ‘Used to This’ with Future

31. ‘Where Ya At’ with Future

32. ‘Truffle Butter’ with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

33. ‘Girls Need Love’ (Remix) with Summer Walker

34. ‘Come Closer’ with WizKid

35. ‘No Stylist’ with French Montana

36. ‘Oprah’s Bank Account’ with Lil Yachty and DaBaby

37. ‘Look Alive’ with BlockBoy JB

38. ‘Never Recover’ with Lil Baby and Gunna

39. ‘Big Amount’ with 2 Chainz

40. ‘Both’ with Gucci Mane

41. ‘Yes Indeed’ with Lil Baby

42. ‘I’m On One’ with DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross

43. ‘Having Our Way’ with Migos

44. ‘100’ with The Game

45. ‘Life is Good’ with Future

46. ‘Say Something’ with Timbaland

47. ‘Mine’ with Beyonce

48. ‘Recognize’ with PARTYNEXTDOOR

49. ‘Money to Blow’ with Birdman and Lil Wayne

50. ‘Only You (Freestyle)’ with Headie One

51. ‘Tuesday’ with iLoveMakonnen

52. ‘No Complaints’ with Offset

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