The 10 Best Halloween Episodes of TV to Watch When You Need a Dose of Nostalgia

While I realize that the target audience for these TV shows is somewhere around the age of 10, the kids' shows and cartoons of the late '90s and 2000s are unmatched. It was a golden period of time within Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network—Hey Arnold!, Drake & Josh, and Courage the Cowardly Dog are just a few that defined it. Listed below are 10 of the greatest Halloween episodes of that era, and between the classics and the ones you may have forgotten about, there's bound to be a few that are perfect for you to stream this Halloween.

1. SpongeBob SquarePants: "Scaredy Pants"

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In this season 1 classic, SpongeBob decides that he wants to become a different type of sponge on Halloween: one who's doing the scaring instead of being the one frightened by everything related to Halloween.

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2. Drake and Josh: "Alien Invasion"

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Although this isn't an outright Halloween episode, it may as well be given the basis of the episode. After Megan gets a new telescope and hooks it up to her laptop, Drake and Josh decide to go all in on a prank to get back at her for getting them in trouble with Walter. Once they photoshop pictures of UFOs onto Megan's laptop, she becomes convinced that there's an incoming alien invasion.

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3. Courage the Cowardly Dog: "The Demon in the Mattress"

courage halloween

To be fair, every episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog is Halloween-themed, and looking back, it's sort of insane that we were even watching this as kids. In "The Demon in the Mattress," Muriel orders a mattress, but when it's delivered by two creepy rats, Courage starts to get suspicious. Nevertheless, after Muriel sleeps on the mattress for the first time, she quickly becomes possessed and insane things begin to occur around the house.

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4. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: "Nightmare in Retroville"

nightmare in retroville

On Halloween, Jimmy decides to try out his new monster-making machine to turn Carl and Sheen into monsters instead of wearing regular costumes to go trick-or-treating. However, when Carl and Sheen start to exhibit signs that their costumes have taken over their DNA, Jimmy has to figure out a way to turn them back into their original selves.

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5. Hey Arnold!: "Arnold's Halloween"

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With Grandpa's Halloween Party coming up, Arnold and Gerald come up with the idea to stage an alien invasion to prank the partygoers by using the radio and a nearby tower to control the effects. At the same time, Helga has convinced everyone in the fourth grade to dress up as aliens for Halloween, and they eventually head over to the party in a horde. With both of these plots converging, it ends up being broadcast on television, adding even further to the (at first) harmless prank.

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6. iCarly: "iScream on Halloween"

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When Carly accidentally receives mail from a different apartment that turns out to be abandoned, she decides to make it a segment on her web show. Carly, Sam, and Freddie livestream their way through apartment 13B, but when the lights go out, they quickly begin to feel like they aren't the only ones in the apartment.

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7. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: "Bloooo"

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With Bloo resting in bed with a bad cold and the rest of the crew settling in to watch a horror movie, it seems like it'll be a quiet night at Foster's. But when the group starts believing that the movie is real, they barricade all of the entrances to the house. When Frankie has a frightening encounter on her way home and as Bloo's condition worsens, things around the house get chaotic quickly.

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8. Fairly OddParents: "Scary Godparents"

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As Timmy goes trick-or-treating with Vicky in his toilet-paper mummy costume, he ponders his sad state of affairs and decides to make a wish for everyone to have real and scary Halloween costumes. However, he didn't fully think through his wish: everyone fully becomes their costume, which means that there are some pretty hefty consequences coming Timmy's way.

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9. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: "Billy & Mandy's Jacked-Up Halloween"

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In this two-part special episode, Grim's scythe is stolen by a villain, Jack O' Lantern, who plans to use it to destroy the town and make every day Halloween as an act of revenge. Given the power of Grim's scythe, Billy and Mandy have to figure out a way to retrieve it and put an end to Jack's plans.

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10. Zoey101: "Haunted House"

zoey101 halloween 1

Each Halloween at PCA, someone is in charge of setting up a haunted house, and this year, Logan gets the job. When he makes the haunted house a little too scary, Zoey's brother, Dustin, gets lost in it and Logan has to go inside to find him.

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