The 11 Best Netflix Car Shows

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This one's for the car enthusiasts. The people who get an adrenaline rush from going fast and putting the pedal to the metal. I'm sure we all know that Netflix is full of shows to binge no matter what your interests are, so if you happen to love horsepower, chassis, and the open road then this list is for you. Now don't get us wrong, not every show is going to be for the expert car lover, there's something on here for car lovers of all levels and walks of life. Buckle up and let's go.

1. ‘Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee’

This show has everything. Coffee. Cars. Comedians. Comedians in said cars getting various kinds of coffee. Netflix’s sleeper hit stars famous comic Jerry Maguire as the creator, star, and interviewer in this reality show. But just because you’ve read the premise doesn’t mean you’ve watched the show. Every episode is a new comedian and a new coffee. But the best change in the show is the cars. Each episode features a new vintage car gorgeously detailed, fully restored, and ready for the open road. Maguire manages to weave his comedic genius perfectly with that of his guests, creating a genuinely amusing and interesting 20-minute episode every single time. The guests range in age and status, from Gen-Z favorite John Mulaney, to legend Jerry Lewis. The best part? This Netflix original is in its 11th season, meaning you can use it as your next binge or make it your morning routine for the rest of quarantine. Either way, Maguire and your favorite comedians are just one click away.

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2. ‘Formula 1: Drive To Survive’

The first time I watched Formula 1, I knew absolutely nothing about the world of Formula 1 racing. But Formula 1: Drive To Survive is about more than simple car races. The documentary series goes in-depth to cover the world of Formula 1 racers and their lives, both on and off the track. The teams: Focault and Mercedes, just to name a few. The sport: fiercer than anyone could possibly imagine. And the stakes? They’re higher than anything you’ve ever seen before. At the very center of the series is a race for the very heart of soul of Formula 1 racing. Regardless, for fans and newbies alike, the entire series is one hell of a ride.

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3. ‘Fastest Cars’

Ever wanted to watch​a minivan make a Porsche GT3 eat its dust? Then look no further than Fastest Cars. This unknown Netflix gem pits basic cars think minivans or 1997 Hondas, against the world’s most celebrated sports cars. The twist: these cars are sleepers, cars modified from their model set to be faster, stronger, and savvier than their looks betray. After modification, each custom ride is battle-tested by experienced drivers and mechanics, before going head to head with their competition. Even better, each episode is an hour-long, giving viewers plenty of time to place their bets and go behind the scenes on how these cars reach peak modification. Want to see matchups you never expected? Then this is the show for you.

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4. ‘Dead To Me’

Yes, Netflix does classify this as a dark comedy about a mother struggling with the death of her husband, and a psycho friend that she makes on the road to recovery. But, if you read between the lines and or in this case, between the scenes, Dead To Me also tells the tragic life of a gorgeous periwinkle blue Mercedes Benz AMG GLC and horrible people in its life. And honestly, if that doesn’t sound like an instant classic, I’m not sure what kind of car show you’re really looking for.

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5. ‘Car Masters: Rust To Riches’

The team at Gotham Garage has one goal: make cash and make cash fast. Their avenue? Flipping cheap, destroyed classic cars and turning them into instant cash cows. While the business of flipping cars may sound easy, there’s nothing uncomplicated about these restores. While some cars look like easy finds, secrets lying just below the hoods could prove too difficult for this crew to manage. To land the big fish, the crew has to place their money and jobs on the line. With boss Mark Towle at the helm, Gotham’s team is ready to take on their toughest cases yet, for the chance of one huge payday. If you’re interested in shows like Antique roadshows and Pawn Stars, then this is the one for you.

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6. ‘White Rabbit Project’

You’ve binged countless hours of Mythbusters. Now get ready for Netflix’ White Rabbit Project. From the same minds that brought you timeless myth debunking comes a new tech show, focused on the world’s greatest, most mind-blowing, literally blowing up, inventions. White Rabbit Project takes Mythbusters’ same work ethic and sleuthing to a new era of heists, cars, and more. Starring Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara, these Mythbuster alums do more than just explore new tech. They also rank them, giving the show a set of stakes that makes it a great watch, and an even better binge.

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7. ‘Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father ‘

Ok, so hear me out. While Travels With My Father doesn’t feature cars in its pitch deck, nothing beats the way this comedic duo teams up on cars. The premise is simple. Jack Whitehall, a British comedian, and general American best friend, wants to complete the gap year he left behind in 2009. But this time, he’s bringing his father along with him, in the hopes to celebrate life and bond in a way they never have before. And on the way, the Whitehalls get to their next travel spots using the most incredible of cars, making this a fun, and truly amusing ride.


8. ‘Inside West Coast Customs’

This simple garage in California is hiding a pretty big secret. Inside is a family of artists who work together to turn cars into technical and creative masterpieces. Inside West Coast Customs gives viewers the, quite literally, inside look into the family of one of America’s most coveted garages. The remod-reality show starts with factory-fresh models of normal cars and keeps going until they are unrecognizable treasures. Even celebrities like Mark Walhberg and Justin Beiber have thrown their support, and coin, behind this place. And this show isn’t just pretty before and after shots. Inside West Coast Customs go in-depth, providing logistics, specs, mechanics, and more on all of their most successful rides. Ready for car transformations? Then Inside West Coast Customs is the show for you.

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9. ‘Rust Valley Restorers’

What’s better than a normal car show? A show that turns every man’s trash into lasting treasures. If that sounds exciting to you, then you’ve found a real prize in Rust Valley Restorers. A truly hidden gem, Rust Valley is a Canadian junkyard, stretching across pockets of the Rocky Mountains. In it, a family team works to restore and enjoy classic cars. Started as a History channel original, this Canadian documentary show follows the lives of real car lovers as they restore trashed cars into the classic contraptions they used to be in their glory days. And their experience spans far beyond simple fixes. The cast, Michael Hall, Avery Shoaf, and Connor Charman-Hall, spread their magic across a veritable cornucopia of cars, from a wartime 1941 Dodge Power Wagon to a neon classic 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger. If you’re looking for a fun watch, and some great cars, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

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10. ‘Highway Thru Hell’

Hell isn’t usually the aptest description for a fun car show. But in this discovery channel original, fun is far from the point. Coquihalla Highway, in British Columbia, is one of the busiest, most important, roads in trucking. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most dangerous. Facing rockslides, steep hills, collisions, and more, this reality television show follows the lives of the employees of Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue company and their daring rescues on the most treacherous roads in North America. With the importance of the roads, crews must race against the clock to reopen the path while trying to rescue both truckers and cargo. The result? An engaging real-life drama about the lives of British Columbia’s real-life heroes.

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11. ‘Hyperdrive’

Executive produced by Charlize Theron, the woman who brought you Furiosoa, Hyperdrive is Netflix’s latest foray into Reality TV. A cross between amateur racing and the heart-stopping madness of American Ninja Warrior, Hyperdrive follows the story of talented street racers who are competing in what Netflix calls “one of the biggest automotive obstacle courses ever built.” But these are more than car races. For every contestant a viewer sees, a detailed and usually emotional backstory is sure to follow. Starting with 28 competitors of every nationality, age, and more, the competition quickly gets fiercer. By the end of the competition, only 6 contestants are left. Then, the real race begins. For a reality show that only lasts 10 episodes, Hyperdrive is a great afternoon binge with pretty high stakes and an incredibly satisfying ending.

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