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Being a music lover means more than having a favorite artist or sound. When a music lover is not listening to music, they’re at a concert, debating albums or browsing artist’s merch stores. There are few things better than new releases for the music lover than thoughtful gifts to support their passion. Does the music lover in your life have an upcoming birthday, or will a spontaneous gift make all the right impressions on a new friend?  Maybe you’re the biggest music lover you know. 

Audiophiles of all genre preferences can benefit from the gifts listed in the guide below. These gifts were selected to enhance the music listening experience for music lovers and provide fun opportunities to engage with and celebrate their favorite artists beyond the albums, EPs and mixtapes.  

Take a look at these 31 gifts for music lovers in your life:

1. A Heyday Turntable

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A turntable not only looks cool, but it also has the ability to personalize playing an album. The signature, comforting sound of a vinyl record spinning can turn a casual afternoon of music into an intimate listening experience. Most modern record players have the ability to connect to a Bluetooth speaker for maximum volume.

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2. BOOM Swimmer DUO

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A waterproof speaker is a perfect gift for any music lover because it increases the number of places they are in charge of the sound atmosphere. Whether the speaker lives at home in the shower or becomes useful on a beach trip or another outdoor excursion, the durability of this speaker prohibits water from stopping the show.

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3. Vinyl Me, Please Membership

musiclovergifts vinylplease
Vinyl Please

A membership to Vinyl Me, Please is the ultimate gift that will bless the recipient with an exclusive record periodically. You can choose which package suits your needs, there are deals from three months, six months, or a full year. Each LP is pressed only for members so your favorite music lover will own a piece of a limited run. An added bonus, the selections are chosen based on the recipients’ personal taste so they are guaranteed something they will love.

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4. Samsung Soundbar

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Best Buy

A high-quality soundbar system is a perfect gift for an introverted music lover. The person who wants the full experience of ear-numbing bass without the massive crowds involved with concerts and festivals. A soundbar system can connect to an entertainment system, perfect for live streaming concerts, festivals and other performances from the comfort of a cozy living room.

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5. Official Merchandise From The Recording Academy

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Get your friend their own official Grammy merch! While the Grammy Awards are often surrounded in debates and controversy with nominees, winners, other genre-specific disputes, they remain the highest recognized prize in mainstream music. Owning official Grammy merchandise can help a music lover feel closer to the main event. ​​​​​​

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6. Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

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A karaoke machine is a perfect surprise present for the party-loving music head. Performing the songs made popular by top-notch vocalists can result in a standing ovation or the next viral video. You'll never know until you grab the microphone. Many modern karaoke machines are equipped with flashing party lighting, multiple mics and the ability to connect to a large screen for lyric display.

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7. Spotify Gift Card


Purchase a gift card for your favorite melomaniacs’ favorite streaming service. This guarantees they’ll have a membership for the current year of new releases and are less likely to miss out on any planned or surprise drops from their favorite artist. An average subscription totals around $10 month and although it’s seemingly low-cost, it’s the thought that counts.

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8. Sony Black Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones


The worst feeling in the world is being completely in-tune with a song for it to be interrupted by outside forces. Sometimes to really listen to music, the world needs to be muted, and noise-canceling headphones are the perfect solution. A pair of these make the perfect gift for the music-lover who frequently travels or uses public transportation in their daily commute.

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9. A Coffee Table Book

therihannabook 2
Neiman Marcus

A coffee table book makes a great gift for the home or office. It not only gives the recipient the chance to flip through pages of behind the scenes photos of their favorite artists, but coffee table books can also make great conversation starters. There is a huge range from artist-specific to genre and era targeted coffee table books pertaining to music and music history.

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10. Rolling Stone: The Music Trivia Game Where Legends are Made

rollingstonemusictrivia musiclovers

Does your best friend constantly play DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win?” If so, this may be the perfect gift for their inner music lover. A quiz game that tests players on their musical knowledge is a fun way to explore music history, flex your personal arsenal of obscure music facts, and take the crown for best game night.

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11. Laptop Stickers

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Laptop stickers are a way of voicing an opinion without saying a word. Providing a small, low-priced yet effective way for your favorite music lover to make the world aware of their exquisite taste in sound can be a quick and easy, yet efficient gift. Stickers come in all varieties from quirky quotes to song lyrics.  Stickers are also an easy gift to customize per recipient.

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12. Official Artist Merchandise

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Travis Scott

Official artist merchandise makes a great gift, especially if autographed or released as part of a limited collection. Singers and rappers will typically release new hats, sweaters, jackets, socks, and more during a new album release or while on tour.  An artist website or on-site gift shop will have the official merchandise. If planning on purchasing, however, be sure to be alert. These items often sell out and are resold at three times or more than the original price.

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13. The Autobiography of Gucci Mane

gucciautobiography musicgifts

An artist’s autobiography gives a first-hand look at the experiences that formed their artistic process. Oftentimes, secrets are shared in these personal stories. An autobiography makes a great gift for the music lover who doubles as a book lover.  Whether paperback, hardcover, audio or digital copy, there’s a format in existence to satisfy all readers. Reading the artist’s life in their own words can make revisiting albums a deeper emotional experience.

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14. Post Malone Crocs

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Artists will often team up with brands and companies to support their passions and interests beyond the booth. Often times, an artist will collaborate with a brand they already personally use, or step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. A brand collaboration product can make an excellent gift for the music lover who likes surprises. These capsule collections range from streetwear and designer clothing to makeup and alcoholic beverages. Keep an eye out for an official release date, however many artist collaborations sell-out quickly like the Post Malone x Crocs collaboration seen above.

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15. The Mixtape of My Life: A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir

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This guided journal is perfect for the music lover who finds joy in relating their life to the lyrics and sound. The Mixtape of My Life: A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir by Robert K. Elder encourages the new author to recall the music that defines important moments throughout their life journey.  The music journal not only allows the recipient to relive nostalgic moments from their own life, but it also allows for the recording of memories to be passed down and shared with friends and family.

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16. Tupac: The Complete Live Performances


A live concert DVD is not only a great gift for music lovers, but it also gives anyone the perfect excuse to host a watch-party and order pizza. Recorded concerts give viewers a chance to experience a performance they may not have had the chance to attend, whether it be from the past or present. It also provides a permanent copy of a show that your favorite concert-goer hopes to relive forever.  Some performers, like Beyoncé, have all available DVDs listed on their website.

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17. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

ue boom

The days of carrying around a boombox have evolved into the portable BlueTooth speaker. While phones and tablets provide the music through streaming apps, connecting to the speaker ups the amp. This gift is perfect for the party-starter, ready to aux-cord DJ any function. Portable BlueTooth speakers are also great for frequent travelers who need their tunes at maximum volume in their hotel room to feel at home.

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18. I Hate This Fucking Music T-Shirt

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Music inspired graphic t-shirts are a wearable method to publically sharing inside-jokes with other members of the music lover community. Often times, the jokes displayed on the t-shirts will only make sense to select people. Being a music lover is almost like being in a global club where the language is an art that speaks for itself. What better way to celebrate this beautiful, vast community than a corny pun on a t-shirt?

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19. AirPods Case Cover with Keychain

amazon key chain

As you know, Airpods are quite pricey, so it would be a huge waste to lose them (which can very well happen as they are so small). To avoid that, a great gift would be the ‘Airpod Case Cover’ as it comes with a keychain that could easily go along with the rest of your keys. As long as you remember your keys, you’ll remember your Airpods, and the case will further prevent your Airpods from being lost or stolen. The ‘Airpod Case Cover’ is priced at $5.99 and can be purchased via Amazon.

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20. Soundwave Glass Block


Music is a form of art. So why not have actual art showcasing music? The ‘Soundwave Glass Block’ is an excellent gift for a music lover, and can be customized to have your favorite song printed on the block. You can also add a voice clip or recording to the glass block to give it a more personal touch. The ‘Soundwave Block’ is currently available for $49.95 on Etsy.

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21. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

music glass
Uncommon Goods

What if your wine glass had the ability to make music? Well the ‘Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses’ give both you and your guests that exact opportunity. With the glasses being designed in musical scales, you can create musical sounds by sliding your finger around the rim of the wine glass. The glasses come in a set of two, and can be purchased via Uncommon Goods for $68.

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22. Just Dance 2021

just dance

Typically people who love music love to dance as well. So why not combine the two together with ‘Just Dance 2021?’ The 'Just Dance' series has been a video game staple since 2009, and gives fans the opportunity to dance along to some of their favorite new and old songs. ‘Just Dance 2021’ is due out on November 12th, making it a good gift for the upcoming holiday season.

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23. Rolling Stones Whiskey Glass

The Rolling Stones Shop

What’s life without The Rolling Stones? Most of us already have a pretty cool Rolling Stones collection, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a ‘Rolling Stones Whiskey Glass’ for some good Friday night vibes. The glass has the official Rolling Stones logo printed on one side, and the classic Rolling Stones tongue printed on the other. The whiskey glass is available for $15 and can be found on the official Rolling Stone website.

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24. Beethoven Quote Poster


Classical music is good for the soul, and what’s better than a gift that features Beethoven himself? One of the most inspirational composers of all time (and often considered the greatest), Beethoven was also an extremely intelligent individual whose life lessons remain relevant today. The ‘Beethoven Quote Poster’ is a beautifully designed piece that features some of Beethoven’s greatest quotes. The poster is roughly $13 and can be purchased on Etsy.

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25. Ticket Stub Organizer

ticket organizer

Going to a concert is a once in a lifetime experience, so it’s only natural that you will want to save your concert tickets as a precious memory. The ‘Ticket Stub Organizer’ is a great way for you to keep your tickets and receipts from the concerts you attend. The organizer contains 100 pockets, giving you more than enough room to tidy up your collection. The item is priced at $11.99 and can be purchased via Amazon.

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26. Custom Guitar Picks

guitar pic

Guitar Picks are essential to every guitar player, so a personalized wooden guitar pick would be an excellent gift to accompany the rest of the collection. The pick can be customized to include a personal message, and also comes with a wooden gift box. The guitar pick is currently priced at $8.50, and can be ordered on Etsy.

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27. Apple Music Custom Song Glass

glass plaque

The ‘Glass Song Plaque’ is a personalized gift that would be a great addition to any musical household. The process of ordering the plaque is actually quite easy. Just simply pick your loved ones favorite tune to have designed into the plaque, and upload a picture of your choice. The glass plaque is available via Etsy for $21.

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28. Mixtape Doormat

mixtape mat
Uncommon Goods

2020 has been the year of redecoration, so why not take it a step further with the ‘Personalized Mixtape Doormat?’ The doormat gives you that classic mixtape experience bringing the nostalgia back in full force. The mat can also be personalized to have a message written on it, giving your guest a warm greeting every time they visit. The ‘Mixtape Doormat’ is available for $38 on Uncommon Goods.

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29. Music Journal Personalized

music journal

Oftentimes musicians are heavy writers as well, so the ‘Vinyl Music Journal’ is a neat gift for the upcoming holidays. The journal comes with a vinyl designed into the cover, and can be personalized to have custom notes/messages written into it. The 'Vinyl Music Journal' is currently priced at $38.99, and can be purchased on Etsy.

BUY NOW, $39.95

30. Guitar Clock Wall Decor


This ‘Guitar Wall Clock’ is a unique gift that would fit nicely into any avid music lover’s collection. The guitar has a realistic design that can actually be mistaken for a real guitar. The "guitar" also comes with a clock face, and a hook to easily hang on your wall. The guitar clock is available for purchase at Walmart for $33.98.

BUY NOW, $33.98

31. Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Center

Speaking of guitars, the ‘Yamaha Acoustic Guitar’ would be the perfect gift this holiday season for both rookie and veteran guitar players. With the classic dreadnought shape and sound that musical lovers are familiar with, the guitar is beautifully designed with the option to select between the Black, Natural, or Tobacco Brown Sunburst colors. The guitar can be purchased on the Guitar Center website for $159.99.

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