Mexico-Based Record Label Slowly Needs To Be On Your Radar

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Noah Stauffer

This week’s episode of Monday to Monday hosted by Mike Boyd welcomes special guest Adrian Be, entertainment director and CEO of Mexico-based record label Slowly.

A man of many talents, Adrian also manages artists, using his connections and positive industry reputation to help further advance the musicians' careers signed to his label. It’s a rare sight to see a music manager who also produces his artists, and while still growing his roster, Adrian has already worked with rising Latino artists such as Abhir, Pinky06, Neithan, and more. Adrian caught up with Boyd to discuss the inner workings of producing, managing, and running your own record label while also giving more insight into the musicians he works with daily.

Boyd and Adrian start their convo with Boyd praising Adrian about Slowly being an all-Latino team and how they are bringing their artists' global attention while remaining authentic. “I think with everything that is happening in the industry and how young folks are being inspired, most of it is about being 'cool,' because they want to be an artist or a figure,” he tells Boyd before diving into the mission behind Slowly, and what he and his team are trying to build.

“For us, it’s different. It’s about art, and art is a form of expression. We just want to express ourselves. Everything we build, whether it’s music, design, etc., it’s an expression. I think that is what’s making people connect with us because we aren’t trying to look cool. For me, Slowly is about expressing yourself and living comfortably, and it just so happens we entertain while doing that.”

Boyd and Adrian had a great interview that you can check out above. In the meantime, you can keep up with Adrian on Instagram

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