A 1990s Throwback and Billie Eilish Take Over This Week in TikTok

Some fun challenges for you to check out this week

Michael Caloca

TikTok just keeps topping itself. Just when we think we may have seen it all on the platform, content creators come up with something else to keep us on our toes. Last week we got a throwback to the 2000s, and this week we are getting a blast from the past with a 1990s hip-hop classic, and a glimpse of the present with yet another Billie Eilish viral trend. We also have some current bops that you should listen to if you haven’t already. Let’s dive into what was happening on the TikTok this past week.

1. Poison- Bell Biv Devoe

Bell Biv Devoe’s ‘Poison’ will always be one of those classic 1990s hits that recycles its way back onto the current popular music scene. This time around, the legendary track finds itself on TikTok as content creators are using the song to show pictures of what their parents looked like in 1990 when the hit single came out. This challenge is super fun if you want to share old school pictures of what your parents looked like back in the day. If not, the trend is still worth scrolling through.

2. Bury A Friend- Billie Eilish

Are you really surprised to see Billie Eilish on this list? She’s the queen of viral challenges! Billie has done it yet again on TikTok with her ‘Bury A Friend’ single from 2019. This is a ‘glo up’ trend where users rotate the phone camera around their head to reveal a transformation ‘glammed up’ look. Not too complicated of a challenge, and still pretty cool if you ask us.

3. ‘Kiss Me More’ - Doja Cat & SZA

One thing has been made clear over the years—people love Doja Cat and SZA, and that is exactly what this challenge is all about. Now this isn’t a dance/choreography trend, all you have to do is make a video telling the world how much you love Doja Cat and SZA. That’s it!

4. ‘Tampa’ - Cico P

You can never go wrong with a good joke, and TikTokers are putting a new spin on Cico P’s 2020 single ‘Tampa.’ This is a pretty simple trend to participate in as well—all you have to do is make jokes on cue to the lyrics "I'm bad news, I'm a menace to society.” Whatever joke you decide to tell is completely up to you. From your corniest to your most creative, just make sure you deliver it confidently.

That is going to do it for this week! As usual we will be back next week with the latest updates on what is happening in the TikTok world.

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