Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber Take Over This Week's TikTok Trends

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Michael Caloca

What did they say back in the 90s? Something about TikTok not stopping right? While nobody could have predicted a platform like TikTok completely taking over in 1991, the idea was correct in TikTok never stopping. The trends keep rolling in, and these are the latest happenings in the world of TikTok challenges.

1. ‘She Make It Clap’ - Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has been the undisputed king of viral internet challenges since his 2007 hit ‘Crank Dat,’ and his reign continues nearly fifteen-years later with his latest single ‘She Make It Clap.’ This is a choreographed dance trend in which the routine matches the lyrics to the song. So unlike other challenges you will have to actually learn the dance if you want to participate, but luckily the choreography isn’t super intense. Major props to Soulja Boy for giving us yet another fun challenge.

2. ‘Peaches’- Justin Bieber

‘Peaches’ is poppin on TikTok and we have not Justin Bieber, but his lovely wife Hailey Bieber to thank for that. This is a makeup trend that focuses on showcasing ‘glo-ups’ and ‘transformations.’ Now this isn’t too much different from other makeup challenges we’ve seen hit the platform, but it’s still something fun if you are looking to document your makeup look for the day.

3. ‘The Adults Are Talking’- The Strokes

Adulthood can be challenging, and TikTok creators are making videos detailing just how sucky adult life and responsibilities can be (we can all agree paying bills stinks). Sometimes you just need to vent, and that is exactly what this trend is all about. So if you are having a frustrating day, and need to let it all out, then this challenge might be a good one to try out.

4. ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ - Lily Allen

Reflection is necessary, and ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is the perfect song for sitting still and taking a look back. The theme of this challenge is an interesting take on breakups. We all go through them at some point in our lives, and they hurt like crazy. At some point we have to pick ourselves back up, and that is exactly what this challenge is about. So if you are dealing with a rough breakup, and in need of some positive reinforcements, TikTok has your back.

That is going to wrap up this week's challenges. See you all next week for another roundup!

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