The Best TikTok Challenges That Went Viral in 2019 (So Far)

These social challenges inspired people to boost their creativity

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Both Lizzo and Lil Nas X have inspired TikTok challenges / Getty Images

Once something goes viral, it demands the attention of everyone young and old. And once that viral sensation takes off on TikTok, you’ll get caught up in all the hoopla too.


TikTok’s global success has led to a flood of hashtags that have been represented and produced in video form. Every year, a select number of these social media movements demand the most attention and light a creative spark in participants. Musical challenges based on hit songs and artists, mind-blowing tricks and outlandish scenes inspired by hilarious catchphrases are just some of the ways in which TikTok users spend their time. This year we’ve seen a vast array of such examples and we’ve compiled the ones that stood out the most.


1. ‘Old Town Road’ Challenge

Lil Nas X’s Billboard hit single “Old Town Road” got the ultimate push from the popular social media platform. The hip-hop/country hybrid tune became the soundtrack for countless “Yee Yee Juice” and “Yee Haw” challenge vids that saw users morph into flashy cowboys and cowgirls. “Old Town Road” is the undisputed song of the year, thanks in part to the TikTok community’s love for catchy tunes, lassos and spiffy belt buckles. The song’s historic rise to fame is due to its domination of the TikTok stratosphere.

2. ‘Beautiful People’ Challenge

Ed Sheeran’s warm personality is infectious. And his fan base regularly celebrates his inspiring acoustic soundtrack. When he hopped on the TikTok challenge trend to push his Khalid-featured song “Beautiful People,” everyone took notice and joined in. Millions of views later, the world was treated to a slew of heartwarming vids full of people championing the beautiful friends and family in their lives. This is the type of TikTok challenge you can safely show off to your grandparents without any concerns. Just be prepared to let a few tears loose once everything’s said and done. This challenge is definitely a tearjerker.

3. ‘Obsessed’ Challenge

Mariah Carey’s 2009 “Obsessed,” an ode to overly thirsty admirers, unexpectedly resurfaced this summer. A bunch of folks who are old enough to remember the tune (and plenty of younger people) featured the song as their backup track during choreographed TikTok dance challenges. Carey even participated in the challenge herself when her car broke down. Her approach to the challenge was a bit off, but it’s her song so she can do whatever she wants with it. We’re just happy to see an R&B classic get adopted by a whole new generation on TikTok.

4. ‘Respect the Drip’ Challenge

When your stepmom can’t appreciate your highly coordinated outfit, you need to find a place to vent. TikTok users adopted a line in which a frustrated dude lamented his stepmom Karen’s disapproval of his latest attire. And once that hilarious diatribe reached its final line, those same users displayed their most drip-worthy fashion for the world to see. Now Karen has no choice but to show love for folks dressed like bunny rabbits, nuns and ballerinas. And to be honest, some of the clothing combinations put on display for this challenge were way fresher than we anticipated. “Respect the drip, Karen.”

5. ‘Me Versus’ Challenge

Life is a daily struggle. As soon as you step out that front door, a curveball comes your way that disrupts your mood and stresses you to no end. The “Me Versus” challenge personified the very moments that destroy us a little more inside every time they happen. Ever attempt to smash a bug inside your home, but it hauls ass and ends up running right at you? Can’t stand the fact that your local McDonald’s can’t seem to get the ice-cream machine to work? Felt dumb because your grade-school math knowledge couldn’t help you calculate the correct change during your cashier days? This challenge offered seconds-long scenarios like these.

6. Art Project Challenge

TikTok’s user base thrives on creativity. Whenever a new trend takes over, you’ll easily find yourself spending countless hours watching some of the most innovative videos ever produced. This challenge sticks to a simple concept: Showcase your finest artwork and give people a glimpse into your overall creative process. Once this challenge took off, users were treated to videos full of beautiful paintings, wonderfully crafted signs, custom clothing and more cool displays of modern-day art.

7. DNA Test Challenge

Lizzo has garnered plenty of fanfare thanks to her eccentric approach to music videos and her penchant for crafting self-loving tunes that mash up varied genres. One of the year’s most memorable lines came from her song “Truth Hurts,” which goes like this: “Just took a DNA test—turns out I’m 100% that bitch.” That Dylan hot fire-worthy bar inspired TikTok users to lip-synch the line and deliver their DNA results in comedic fashion. Beside people finding out they’re 100% ogre or hippo, proud folks repped their DNA reveals with pride.

8. ‘School Bathroom’ Challenge

Everyone knows the school bathroom isn’t solely used to, you know, empty one’s bladder. It’s a place where kids converge to settle disputes about growing fandoms, trade juicy secrets and generally goof off while their teachers wonder about their whereabouts. TikTok took the concept of school bathroom activities further once users began turning such a simple place into an entertainment haven. Short-form videos of kids using their school bathroom as a dance floor, a place to practice one’s singing talents and a private club party flooded TikTok. And they all proved that a school bathroom could be transformed into anything you want it to be.


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