Ramón Vega Releases His Debut Single 'Contigo Mami'

On the heels of his debut, Ramón Vega chats with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd

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Ramón Vega

Ramón Vega has spent the majority of the last year building his fanbase with over half-a-million followers, generating buzz amongst his peers and across social media. Vega is now taking the next step in his career with the release of his debut single and video, ‘Contigo Mami.’ Sampling Roy Orbison’s 1964 legendary hit ‘Pretty Woman,’ Vega croons to a Reggaeton beat, while adding regional Mexican flair, making the song muy caliente. Ecstatic over his debut, Vega chatted with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd.

Boyd: I want to talk about ‘Contigo Mami.’ I saw the music video, and I want to know what the song means to you.

Vega: So everybody knows that this is obviously a cover of ‘Pretty Woman,’ and it all came about because I was at a song camp that actually took place at my brothers house. At the time I wasn’t writing music, and I ended up rooming with one of my really good friends who is a writer. My roommate would play a playlist full of all these older songs, and I happened to notice that I would always fall asleep to ‘Pretty Woman.’ When I went back home and started writing, I noticed I was thinking about that song, and I decided that I wanted to do a cover of it! That was the song that opened up the floodgate to write my own music.

Boyd: And when was that?

Vega: It was May of 2020 when it started happening. That was when I began having conversations with Manny Vallarino from Sony Music—Manny knows my family and that is how I got signed.

Boyd: What do you want people to walk away thinking after they hear the song?

Vega: I want people to love more! This is an ode to women. I want men to dedicate it to all of the women out there, and walk away feeling more in love. 

Boyd: I want to know how many instruments you play. You play the accordion right? Which is your favorite?

Vega: Seven! I feel very torn between the guitar and the accordion because I love those two boxes, but the accordion has a different effect on me. I have a connection with the accordion because I feel like it’s an instrument that I can play to help turn my mood around. I feel like I can fly when I play the accordion!

Boyd: What do you do in the studio to get the mood right?

Vega: The most important thing for me depends on the kind of mood I wake up in. If I wake up in a hyper mood, then I write party-like songs and music. If I wake up sad then that is what I am connecting with. I love the girls very much, and I write songs for the ladies. Once I get to the studio, I drink a lot of coffee, I like American coffee with lactose free milk or a cappuccino, and I always like to keep the lights red or blue.

You can keep up with Ramón Vega and his latest releases via Instagram.

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