The Freestyle from Samsung Is Trending All Over TikTok

Hannah Scherwatzky

With the last bits of winter melting away, spring and summer are ready to take center stage. And with its portability, easy set-up and insane picture quality, the Samsung Freestyle is here to help you elevate the season.

Not only does this smart theater projector have incredible picture quality, it also has 360-degree sound for an all-encompassing experience, whether it be watching a film or chilling out with some tunes. The Freestyle truly performs any way you need it to, from movie nights and dance parties to slideshows and traveling.

We teamed up with a bunch of TikTok creators to showcase the limitless ways that the Freestyle can upgrade your lifestyle. Check it out.

Jen Palomo

What's summer without a good dance party? Jen Palomo flips her Freestyle on to add some immaculate vibes to an impromptu dance sesh.

Latrice Coates

When it comes to summer traveling, Latrice Coates carries around her Freestyle for that added independence of not having to rely on hotels—because missing that new episode of her favorite show isn't an option.

Kiara Bencosme

Sure, the sweltering heat of the summer can be a pain during the day, but later on, a classic movie night is bound to make up for it. Kiara Bencosme uses the Freestyle to relax with a chill movie, tons of blankets and snacks—it's also perfect for a rainy spring weekend.

Sonali Prabhu

The Freestyle can transport you to a completely different climate—all you need is a blank wall and some hot chocolate. With a few simple clicks, you're transported.

Ready to join the fun? Make the Samsung Freestyle part of all your summer adventures right now.

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