10 Gifts For Card Collectors That Will Fit Any Budget

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When it comes to buying gifts for the trading card collector in your life, you may not know exactly where to start. You are aware that they love the hobby, but you might not know the first thing about which cards to buy. 

With that in mind, we put together this gift guide that would be great for all collectors, no matter the budget. Instead of buying actual cards, these accessories would be fantastic additions whether they collect baseball, football, basketball or even Pokemon cards. 

1. Zion Cases

zion case
The Collection Case

This case will protect and hold up to 164 PSA, 112 BGS or 112 SGC slabs. Any collector with graded cards will love this case for safe traveling and storage. 

Buy Now, $109.95

2. PSA Card Stand

psa stand

This single card holder allows for a full view of the front and back of the card. Collectors will line these up on their shelves, in their office or man-cave, and show off their best cards for all to see. 

Buy Now, $5/each

3. PSA Card Display Case

psa display

This high-end display case will showcase up to 24 PSA graded cards and features a mahogany door with black suede matting. It comes with brackets for easy wall mounting. The UV-filtered conservation glass helps prevent fading. 

Buy Now, $549

4. Collectible Card Bin

card bin

This stackable collectible card bin holds up to 3200 loose trading cards. The rows are wide enough to hold top loaders and one-touch magnetic cases.

Buy Now, $39.99

5. Light Box


Any card collector will appreciate this light box, as it will greatly improve the photography of their cards. This will make their social media posts and eBay listings pop and accentuate the artwork on the cards. 

Buy Now, $39.99

6. Show Your Slabs Display

show your slabs
Show Your Slabs

This display fits either 9 or 25 PSA graded cards and flush mounts on the wall. The top can be personalized with the collector's name and social media handle. 

Buy Now, $175-$300

7. Baseball Card: Flipping, Trading & Bubblegum Book


Per Amazon: "A look at baseball in the 1950s presents more than two hundred cards, with amusing bios on some of the game's most colorful characters and observations on the baseball card phenomenon."

Buy Now, $235 (New)

8. Mint Condition


Per Amazon: "When award-winning journalist Dave Jamieson rediscovered his childhood baseball card collection he figured that now was the time to cash in on his “investments.” But when he tried the card shops, they were nearly all gone, closed forever. eBay was no help, either. Baseball cards were selling for next to nothing. What had happened?"

Buy Now, $13.42

9. eBay Gift Card


You can NOT miss with this gift. eBay is the home for all things sports cards, so an eBay gift card is like saying "go get yourself anything you want on me!" and the collector in your life will love you for it!

Buy Now, Price Varies

10. Topps Custom Baseball Cards

topps custom

My own Topps card?! Sign me up!! These would be a really fun stocking stuffer for the entire family. There's just something cool about seeing your family and friends with the Topps logo and your favorite team's logo... and I will likely be buying some of these for my next family event!

Buy Now, $9.99 for 20 cards
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