The 10 Best Basketball Video Games Outside of the '2K' Franchise

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Brandon Shamy ONE37pm

When it comes to basketball video games, naturally, our minds automatically go to the 2K franchise, and it’s easy to understand why. 2K has reached wide-scale popularity on a global level and is now synonymous with being the basketball game that represents the NBA. But this wasn’t always the case. Longtime basketball fans know that there was actually a point when 2K was considered inferior to other franchises such as NBA Live. Here is a list of the top 10 basketball video games outside of 2K.

10. ‘NBA Jam’

9. ‘NCAA March Madness 2008’

8. ‘Jordan vs. Bird’

7. ‘NBA Live 2006’

6. ‘Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside’

5. 'ESPN NBA Basketball

4. ‘NCAA Basketball 10’

‘NBA Live 2005’

2. ‘NBA Live 95’

1. ‘NBA Street Vol. 2’

Honorable mention: ‘Wii Sports’

If you know, then you know. Wii Sports is a timeless classic, and the basketball games were ultra-competitive while also fun. If you can master Wii Sports, then you can master anything.

One thing is for sure, these games all made a huge impact on the basketball gaming landscape that we all know today. Hopefully, these throwbacks brought back a wave of nostalgia that we all need to experience from time to time. If you still have your old consoles, consider picking these games up as a blast from the past.

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