The 8 Best Chess Apps For Players of All Levels to Use


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The game of chess is a distinctive one. It’s simple, yet complicated. Some elements of the game can be easy, and other elements can make it a bit more challenging. If you are a beginner (like myself), then you may be looking for some solid chess apps that can help get you started and learn the game. If your level of expertise is moreso intermediate or advanced, you might be in search of an app that can further help you grow your skill set. Whether you want to learn the game completely, or expand your prowess, this is a list of the eight best chess apps for all levels.

1. ‘’

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2. ' Chess Clock by'

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Chess Clock / Google Play

Another essential app by, ‘Chess Clock’ is an exciting way to beef up the intensity if you like a little pressure while playing. Traditional chess clocks are a part of the game, and the ‘Chess Clock’ app modernizes the approach by giving players a timer. The app also has a variety of cool features including: the ability to work in both portrait and landscape modes, large buttons that are easy to read, and time controls. With ‘Chess Clock,’ you will always have a valuable timer on hand.

The Chess Clock app can be downloaded via IOS and Android.

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3. ‘Learn Chess With Dr. Wolf’

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4. ‘Play Magnus’

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5. ‘Chess For Kids’

chess for kids
Chess For Kids / Google Play

As we close out the year, many parents are still homeschooling their kids on either a full or part time basis. That means more time at home, and a constant search for creative activities to keep the kiddies entertained. If you have younger children, siblings, etc., now would be the perfect time to introduce them to the world of chess. ‘Chess For Kids’ covers everything from basic rules to advanced strategies, and prides itself on being ‘the world’s greatest brain game.’ Through the app, young chess players can play with other kids and students around the world, sharpen their skills using over 1,000 puzzles, and improve their chess knowledge through kid-friendly lessons.

You can download ‘Chess For Kids’ to either IOS or Android devices.

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6. ‘Lichess’

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7. ‘Really Bad Chess’

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8. ‘Chess Prime 3D’

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Classic Chess but make it 3D. Designed for both IOS and Android users, ‘Chess Prime 3D’ is a game for chess players of any level. The app provides learning support for beginners and develops challenges for those on the intermediate and advanced levels. ‘Chess Prime’ offers both a ‘one player’ and ‘two player’ option meaning that you can play by yourself or with friends. Players can also take advantage of 3D graphics, live chess, and versatile openings, while also editing their board and starting the game from their designated positions.

If you are looking for a different chess experience, you can try out ‘Chess Prime 3D on either IOS or Android.

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Chess remains one of the most popular games in the world, and shows like The Queen's Gambit have helped interest in the game to skyrocket. Whether you are an expert or complete novice, we hope this list was helpful as you select your next chess app.

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