The 5 Best Curved Gaming Monitors

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Even as more and more gamers switch to a PC or a monitor for their console, the curved gaming monitor still feels a little elusive and more of a stretch for people to make. This is likely because the technology is a little newer, but the benefits to curved gaming monitors are often well worth it for gamers, including a better field of view and reduced eye strain. If you’re in the market for one, we’re here to help with our list of the five best curved gaming monitors around.

How to pick the best curved gaming monitor for you:

  • Consider resolution – If you’re getting a gaming monitor, chances are that the minimum resolution you want is 1920 x 1080, a.k.a. 1080p. If you want to take the plunge and get a 4k monitor, those are readily available too.
  • Consider size – If you’ll also use your gaming monitor for work, then perhaps a larger screen would be best for optimising output. However going too large for gaming could be unproductive. Figure out the sweet spot when it comes to size.
  • Consider the curve – All curved gaming monitors don’t have the same amount of curve. The radius of the curve is measured in millimeters and in R. The lower the number, the larger the curve.
  • Consider response time – The response time of your curved gaming monitor is how many times the screen refreshes per second. This is measured in hertz (Hz). The higher this number, the better, especially for those key moments in competitive games. Generally, most gaming monitors will offer 120Hz, but as long as you have 75Hz or so, you’ll be fine.

1. ASUS TUF Curved Gaming Monitor


Top Pick

This curved gaming monitor from ASUS is 32” and has a resolution of 1080p. It’s 1500R which is a decent amount of curve, especially for someone new to curved technology. The refresh rate is 165Hz, which is incredible and will make all the difference at the highest level. There’s also a respectable 1ms response time. This monitor also boasts ASUS’ Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, which means that gameplay remains fluid. If you have an elaborate set up, there’s also a wire management option on the back. Some have complained that there’s a lot of backlight bleed and that HDR can be oversaturated.


  • Great for those new to curved technology
  • Great refresh rate
  • Good response time
  • No motion blur


  • Backlight bleed
  • HDR can be oversaturated
Buy now, $299

2. SAMSUNG 23" CF396 Curved Monitor

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For Casual Gamers

If you’re looking for something smaller, SAMSUNG offers a 23.5” curved monitor here which is also a budget option, or an option for a more casual gamer. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is a little on the low side for competitive gamers, but won’t be noticed by someone who games casually. The 4ms response time is also slower than usual. The monitor has a very slim design and for those whose eyes hurt when staring at a screen, there’s an Eye Saver mode which reduces blue light emissions and flickers. The AMD FreeSync technology also allows for smooth images.


  • Slim design
  • Eye Saver mode
  • AMD FreeSync technology


  • Low refresh rate
  • Slow response time
Buy now, $174.99

3. LG 34WP65C-B Curved Monitor

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Great For FPS Games

The LG 34WP65C-B is a 34” curved ultra wide monitor. It boasts a QHD display, which is 1440p. It also has AMD FreeSync Premium for an incredibly smooth picture and boasts a refresh rate of 160 Hz. If you’re playing a first-person shooter and need a wide field of view, this monitor is perfect for that. Some have noted that when you have the monitor very bright, that the motion blur reduction isn’t as effective.


  • QHD display
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • 160 Hz
  • Ultra wide


  • Motion blur
Buy now, $499.96

4. Philips 328E1CA 32" Curved Monitor

4 1

Incredible Sharpness

If your main priority with gaming is a great resolution because perhaps you’re most playing single player storyline-based games, then perhaps this Philips monitor is best for you. It’s 4k, UHD and has ultra-wide color technology. The curvature sits at a respectable 1500R and the gameplay is smooth thanks to the adaptive-sync technology. Unfortunately, you will take a hit on the refresh rate because you get just 60 Hz. There’s also some backlight bleed.


  • 4k UHD
  • Wide range of colors
  • Smooth gameplay


  • Low refresh rate
  • Backlight bleed
Buy now, $405.58

5. AOC CU32V3 32" Super-Curved 4K Monitr

5 1

Also Consider

Last but not least is this AOC CU32V3. There’s a LowBlue mode which decreases the strain of your eyes and is especially helpful if you play a lot before bed or at night. The color gamut is wide and the resolution is 3840 x 2160, a.k.a. 4k. If you do end up working with the monitor too, you might find the Screen + mode helpful. It allows you to take advantage of the wide screen and split it into four. Keep in mind that if you game a lot, the refresh rate might not do it for you.


  • LowBlue mode
  • Wide color gamut
  • 4k
  • Can split the screen into four portions


  • Low refresh rate
Buy now, $359.99
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