So What's the Best 'GTA' Game? Here's Our Series Ranking

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No one ever expected the simple little top-down criminal simulator known as Grand Theft Auto to morph into one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time. Once Rockstar Games and DMA Design (now known as Rockstar Games Limited) put out Grand Theft Auto III back in 2001, the world was never the same soon after. Third-person, open-world games pretty much got the template from Rockstar Game's magnum opus and Rockstar Games earned its reputation as a highly esteemed publisher/developer. Since GTA III's monumental launch, the series has continued growing and evolving as a series and a genre trendsetter. But the question that's always asked by longtime fans is this one - "What is the best GTA game?" Stay with us as we attempt to answer that question by ranking every mainline console and handheld entry in the series.

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Best 'GTA' Game

Rockstar Games

11. ‘Grand Theft Auto Advance’

Released in 2004

10. ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Released in 1997

9. ‘Grand Theft Auto 2'

Released in 1999

8. ‘Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories’

Released in 2005

7. ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories’

Released in 2006

6. ‘Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars’

Released in 2009

5. ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

Released in 2008

4. ‘Grand Theft Auto III’

Released in 2001

3. ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’

Released in 2002

2. ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’

Released in 2004

1. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Released in 2013

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