The 13 Best Point and Click Horror Games

best point and click horror games mobile

While point and click games had their time reigning supreme in the gaming world, they haven’t been a popular choice amongst gamers in many genres for a while now. In fact, some people reading this might not even know what a point and click game is. I’d explain it, but its name really does the job better than I ever could.

Most of what you see nowadays with point and clicks are escape rooms and other puzzles like The Room or Please, Don’t Touch Anything, but one of the best kind of point and click games to play are horrors. That’s largely because any kind of monotony you might feel about the literal pointing and clicking is masked with the suspense of what could happen once you activate something.

Below is a list of just over a dozen of the best point and click horror games!

1. Anna: Extended Edition

Buy now, $9.99

2. Dark Fall: The Journey

Buy now, $4.99

3. Detention

Buy now, $11.99

4. Five Nights At Freddy’s

Buy now, $4.99

5. Fran Bow

Buy now, $14.99

6. Little Misfortune

Buy now, $14.99

7. Oxenfree

Buy now, $9.99

8. Sally Face

Buy now, $14.98

9. Sanitarium

Buy now, $9.99

10. Serena


11. Still Life

Buy now, $7.99

12. The Cat Lady

Buy now, $9.99

13. The Walking Dead

Buy now, $14.99
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