Which Is The Best Team In 'Madden 24?' Here Are Our Top 15 Picks

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This past summer, like all of the summers before it for more than a decade now, saw the release of a brand new Madden NFL game. The series started in 1988 with John Madden Football and from there, 43 games have been released as it has grown into one of the biggest and best sports series out there. Madden NFL 24 is the latest in the franchise’s history and it takes some big steps forward, introducing next-gen features like "SAPIEN" technology. Making a return are minigames in "Franchise Mode," "Superstar Mode," referees in the games, and more. But of course, the question on a lot of people’s minds is which is the best team in the game? While it’s a lot of fun playing as any of the 32 teams in the game, it’s worth knowing how well teams are rated based on offense and defense. Below, we’ve ranked the fifteen best teams in the game. Now it's time to answer an all-important question - which is truly the best team in Madden 24?

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15. Seattle Seahawks

15 seahawks

Overall Team Rating: 82

At number fifteen are the Seahawks, who have a great offense and a defense that’s improving year to year. Bobby Wagner (89 OVR) and Tyler Lockett (89 OVR) lead the pack in terms of highest overall ratings, but the team is a little deeper than most might give it credit for.

14. Detroit Lions

14 lions

Overall Team Rating: 83

Even hardcore Detroit fans will admit that the Lions haven’t looked the greatest for a long while and while they’re not going to be mentioned in Super Bowl conversations just yet, the team has been looking up as of late, holding their own against some of the better teams in the league. The Lions’ highest-rated player in the game is easily Frank Ragnow, who comes in at an overall rating of 88. Their defense leaves a little to be desired, but Detroit is a formidable team.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars

13 jaguars

Overall Team Rating: 84

Jaguars fans weren’t the happiest about Trevor Lawrence’s overall rating of 83 in Madden NFL 24, but if he becomes what they think, that should be the lowest he’ll be in a Madden NFL game for a long while. To be fair, Jaguars fans have a lot to be upset about, with not one of the players on the squad coming in above an 85 overall rating, including Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, and Josh Allen.

12. New York Jets

12 jets

Overall Team Rating: 84

After being traded to the Jets in April, Aaron Rogers was of course injured in his debut. Thankfully, he’s reportedly ahead of schedule with the Achilles tendon rupture and will look to be back with a vengeance, following a couple of MVP wins this side of the decade. Of course, his real-life injury doesn’t impact him in the game. New York doesn’t have to just rely on him though, with Quinnen Williams (93 OVR) and Sauce Gardner (93 OVR) packing a punch.

11. Minnesota Vikings

11 vikings

Overall Team Rating: 85

The Vikings are a classic example of a team that has one of the best passing offenses in the league, but is lacking a little on defense and struggles to put it all together. Justin Jefferson comes in with a 99 OVR and is the highest-rated receiver in the game, plus they have a great tight end in T.J. Hockenson (90 OVR), but it’s not enough to solidify them a spot as a top ten team in this year’s (2023) Madden NFL entry.

10. Los Angeles Chargers

10 chargers

Overall Team Rating: 85

The first team in a top-ten spot is the Los Angeles Chargers. For the first time in a long time, the Chargers reached the post-season and this overall team rating is a solid reflection of that. Had they had some more success against Jacksonville, they could have been a couple of spots higher on this list, but it wasn’t meant to be. Still, though, the L.A. Chargers should be optimistic about their future, especially with Justin Herbert (who has an OVR rating of 87) on their side.

9. Miami Dolphins

9 dolphins

Overall Team Rating: 86

In all honesty, the Miami Dolphins have a lot to be happy about in Madden 24. While they have a top ten offensive rating in the game and a top four defensive rating, they’re probably one of the fastest teams in the game. In addition to that, provided Tua Tagovailoa is healthy, their trajectory will likely only go upwards from here, with Tyreek Hill (98 OVR) and Jalen Ramsey (97 OVR) in the cut too.

8. San Francisco 49ers

8 49ers

Overall Team Rating: 86

If it surprises you to see the 49ers come in so early on this list, know that the highest QB on their roster is Brock Purdy, with just a 73 OVR rating. Despite them having Nick Bosa (98 OVR), Trent Williams (98 OVR), and Christian McCaffrey (96 OVR) among other 90+ OVR players on the squad, they’re let down heavily in that area and that’s likely all that’s stopping them from being a top five team in Madden NFL 24. No pressure, Trey Lance!

7. Cleveland Browns

7 browns

Overall Team Rating: 87

Being a Browns fan hasn’t been the easiest thing in sports in recent years, but you can rejoice in Madden NFL 24 where the Browns have an overall team rating of 87. Cleveland can lay claim to the best-rated running back in the game with Nick Chubb (97 OVR) and of course, edge rusher Myles Garrett (98 OVR) comes in strong too. If they can get the starting quarterback that they’ve been on the hunt for, they could easily have a top five spot in future games.

6. Baltimore Ravens

6 ravens

Overall Team Rating: 87

Lamar Jackson’s ability to pass the football and run means that he’s one of only four QBs in the game with Truzz, an X-Factor which means that when they enter the zone, no tackles made against them result in a fumble. In addition to that, OBJ (85 OVR) has joined the fray and made the Ravens an even more complete team. They’ll hope to make it to the AFC Championship game under this regime and you can take them even further this year in Madden NFL 24.

5. Dallas Cowboys

5 cowboys

Overall Team Rating: 88

A top-five overall team rating here might be somewhat polarizing, but you have to remember that on paper, the Cowboys have what it takes to be Super Bowl champions, but they’ve just struggled to put it all together. If you’re a Cowboys fan then you can make your dreams come true in Madden NFL 24. With a whopping five players rated above 90 (including Zack Martin who has an OVR of 99), the Cowboys’ potential is reflected well here. It should come as no surprise that the Cowboys are ranked pretty highly among the teams considered for ranking here for the best team in Madden 24.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

4 bengals

Overall Team Rating: 89

Despite only being a top-four team this year, the Cincinnati Bengals share the same offensive rating as the top overall team in the game. Of course, they largely have Joe Burrow (95 OVR) to thank for that as he has the highest accuracy rating amongst passers in the game. Ja’Marr Chase (94 OVR) and Joe Mixon (87 OVR) round out one of the best offensive trios in the game too. There’s a lot to like in Madden NFL 24 as a Bengals fan.

3. Buffalo Bills

3 bills

Overall Team Rating: 90

The Bills have their quarterback Josh Allen gracing the cover of this year’s game, so while he would have already been a viable threat, there’s that added element that puts him at a 94 OVR. The Bills could have made it to the Super Bowl last year (2022) had it not been for some bad luck with injuries, so their coming in at a 90 seems fair. The Bills boast the fourth-best offense in the game and the second-best defense, so even if you’re the Eagles or the Chiefs, you can’t turn your nose up at them.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

2 eagles

Overall Team Rating: 91

The Eagles aren’t technically the best overall team in the game, but a great player could make you think so with their talented roster. You have Darius Slay (92 OVR), Haasan Reddick (90 OVR), A.J. Brown (91 OVR), and Dallas Goedurt (89 OVR) all on one team and unless you’re a complete newbie to the game and/or sport, it’s hard to look bad. Despite their narrow Super Bowl loss this year (2022), Philly has a bright future ahead of them and will remain a top team in future Madden games to come.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

1 chiefs

Overall Team Rating: 92

Was there ever any doubt? The Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII in Arizona earlier this year (2023) in dazzling fashion so naturally, they come in with the highest overall team rating of 92 in this year’s game. Of course, Kansas boasts the best QB in the league with Pat Mahomes (who has a 99 rating) and he’s incredibly difficult to defend. Add Travis Kelce (who is also a 99-rated player) to the mix and you have yourself the best team in the game by a considerable margin. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Kansas City Chiefs are hands down the best team in Madden 24 and damn near a cheat code every time you use them to go up against your local/online rivals.

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