11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (March 2022)

Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

Now that February has come to a close, we're back with a whole new batch of super dope Twitch streamers that you'll certainly grow to appreciate. So without further ado, here are 11 of our favorite content creators from the Twitch game streaming sphere.

1. Xmiramira

Madame Xmiramira is one of the hardest-working women on Twitch. Besides her regular delivery of variety streams, she also focuses her attention on being a community & project manager and a D&I consultant. She's also known for being the founder of Noir, which is an organization that caters to black femme content creators in an effort to aid their brand development. When it's time to entertain her viewing audience, Xmiramira damn near plays anything and everything (check her out if you're down for some Fortnite, The Sims 4, and Apex Legends).


Big shout out to Miss LEMYNAID! She's capable of taking on the overwhelming challenge of tough games like Elden Ring, plus she's dived into a bunch of other relevant titles from the Grand Theft Auto, Pokémon, and Far Cry series. What we have here is another super cool variety streamer that you can trust to give you a fun playthrough of the latest and greatest games.

4. sweetxsage

sweetxsage has a ton of love for indie games, which she makes sure to highlight whenever she hops on to do some streaming. She counts Stardew Valley and Calico as some of her favorite games from that sub-genre, but she also loves her some Animal Crossing when it comes to major game releases. You'll also adore sweetxsage as she's an anime fangirl and always get a good chuckle out of corny dad jokes. And yes - she already knows you're gonna say she has a slight resemblance to Doja Cat.

5. motherose

If you're in the mood for some quality Valorant gameplay, go on ahead and give sister motherose a look. Besides her penchant for going ham in the popular first-person shooter, motherose also goes off on the opposition in the equally popular Apex Legends. Major props to this streamer for making a list of tough streamer goals and doing everything in her power to accomplish them all (now she's fully prepared to nab even more subs & followers, plus she's readying herself to become an official Twitch partner in the near future). We're rooting for you, sis!

7. kayaeatsfood

Hailing from Okinawa, Japan, kayaeatsfood is a variety streamer through and through. Her main gaming addiction of choice is Apex Legends, to which she devotes most of her time, energy, and dope content to. If you wanna watch the continued growth that comes with ranking up in Respawn Entertainment's mega-popular battle royale, then be sure to check in with our sister kayaeatsfood.

8. tokibbi

Allow us to introduce you to the young lady that'll eventually become your favorite battle sage. tokibbi puts out a bevy of delightful streams and clips centered around Apex Legends, Valorant, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, and more. tokibbi is always known to spread positivity via everything she does, so you'll get a ton of enjoyment out of her whenever she goes live.

9. BarefootTasha

BarefootTasha is such a wild child! It's always hilarious when she dons some special cosplay for a themed stream, takes on crazy challenges, and catches her online teammates off guard with hilarious voice-changing pranks. This variety streamer is always open to playing all the new hot ish, which is why you'll get a kick out of her reacting to the most recent releases in gaming.

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