The 25 Best Water Type Pokémon and a Full Guide to the Element

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Pokémon is a beloved franchise worldwide. With record-breaking numbers of games sold, the most valuable franchise of all time also entails animated series, movies, cards, and all types of other merchandise. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a music album, game remakes, and new games, we will look back at one of the most famous aspects of the franchise: the Pokémon themselves.  

With 893 Pokémon in the Pokémon Universe, many characters have made their mark. Pokémon are separated through different categories such as Generation, Region, Starter, Legendary, etc. Out of all the categories, a Pokémon’s type will usually come up first as their identifying mark. Pokémon are separated into 18 different types such as Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Psychic, Electric, Steel, Ghost, etc. Out of all these, the Water-type represents some of the most well-known and strong Pokémon in the Universe. On this 25th anniversary, we are going to take a look at the best 25 Water-type Pokémon, with regard to strength and notoriety.

First, Water-type Pokémon are 1/3rd of the three basic starter elemental types: Fire, Water, Grass. As such, they are one of the first types of Pokémon that players/viewers see and therefore have a special place in the Universe.

We will be rating the best 25 Water-type Pokémon based on factors such as Strength, use-case, adaptability, etc. 

There are 145 Water-type Pokemon. It is the most common type out of all 18 types.

Every Water Type Pokémon:

Squirtle iconSquirtle

#007 / Water

Wartortle iconWartortle

#008 / Water

Blastoise iconBlastoise

#009 / Water

Mega Blastoise iconBlastoise

Mega Blastoise

#009 / Water

Psyduck iconPsyduck

#054 / Water

Golduck iconGolduck

#055 / Water

Poliwag iconPoliwag

#060 / Water

Poliwhirl iconPoliwhirl

#061 / Water

Poliwrath iconPoliwrath

#062 / Water · Fighting

Tentacool iconTentacool

#072 / Water · Poison

Tentacruel iconTentacruel

#073 / Water · Poison

Slowpoke iconSlowpoke

#079 / Water · Psychic

Slowbro iconSlowbro

#080 / Water · Psychic

Mega Slowbro iconSlowbro

Mega Slowbro

#080 / Water · Psychic

Seel iconSeel

#086 / Water

Dewgong iconDewgong

#087 / Water · Ice

Shellder iconShellder

#090 / Water

Cloyster iconCloyster

#091 / Water · Ice

Krabby iconKrabby

#098 / Water

Kingler iconKingler

#099 / Water

Horsea iconHorsea

#116 / Water

Seadra iconSeadra

#117 / Water

Goldeen iconGoldeen

#118 / Water

Seaking iconSeaking

#119 / Water

Staryu iconStaryu

#120 / Water

Starmie iconStarmie

#121 / Water · Psychic

Magikarp iconMagikarp

#129 / Water

Gyarados iconGyarados

#130 / Water · Flying

Mega Gyarados iconGyarados

Mega Gyarados

#130 / Water · Dark

Lapras iconLapras

#131 / Water · Ice

Vaporeon iconVaporeon

#134 / Water

Omanyte iconOmanyte

#138 / Rock · Water

Omastar iconOmastar

#139 / Rock · Water

Kabuto iconKabuto

#140 / Rock · Water

Kabutops iconKabutops

#141 / Rock · Water

Totodile iconTotodile

#158 / Water

Croconaw iconCroconaw

#159 / Water

Feraligatr iconFeraligatr

#160 / Water

Chinchou iconChinchou

#170 / Water · Electric

Lanturn iconLanturn

#171 / Water · Electric

Marill iconMarill

#183 / Water · Fairy

Azumarill iconAzumarill

#184 / Water · Fairy

Politoed iconPolitoed

#186 / Water

Wooper iconWooper

#194 / Water · Ground

Quagsire iconQuagsire

#195 / Water · Ground

Slowking iconSlowking

#199 / Water · Psychic

Qwilfish iconQwilfish

#211 / Water · Poison

Corsola iconCorsola

#222 / Water · Rock

Remoraid iconRemoraid

#223 / Water

Octillery iconOctillery

#224 / Water

Mantine iconMantine

#226 / Water · Flying

Kingdra iconKingdra

#230 / Water · Dragon

Suicune iconSuicune

#245 / Water

Mudkip iconMudkip

#258 / Water

Marshtomp iconMarshtomp

#259 / Water · Ground

Swampert iconSwampert

#260 / Water · Ground

Mega Swampert iconSwampert

Mega Swampert

#260 / Water · Ground

Lotad iconLotad

#270 / Water · Grass

Lombre iconLombre

#271 / Water · Grass

Ludicolo iconLudicolo

#272 / Water · Grass

Wingull iconWingull

#278 / Water · Flying

Pelipper iconPelipper

#279 / Water · Flying

Surskit iconSurskit

#283 / Bug · Water

Carvanha iconCarvanha

#318 / Water · Dark

Sharpedo iconSharpedo

#319 / Water · Dark

Mega Sharpedo iconSharpedo

Mega Sharpedo

#319 / Water · Dark

Wailmer iconWailmer

#320 / Water

Wailord iconWailord

#321 / Water

Barboach iconBarboach

#339 / Water · Ground

Whiscash iconWhiscash

#340 / Water · Ground

Corphish iconCorphish

#341 / Water

Crawdaunt iconCrawdaunt

#342 / Water · Dark

Feebas iconFeebas

#349 / Water

Milotic iconMilotic

#350 / Water

Castform (Rainy Form) iconCastform

Rainy Form

#351 / Water

Spheal iconSpheal

#363 / Ice · Water

Sealeo iconSealeo

#364 / Ice · Water

Walrein iconWalrein

#365 / Ice · Water

Clamperl iconClamperl

#366 / Water

Huntail iconHuntail

#367 / Water

Gorebyss iconGorebyss

#368 / Water

Relicanth iconRelicanth

#369 / Water · Rock

Luvdisc iconLuvdisc

#370 / Water

Kyogre iconKyogre

#382 / Water

Primal Kyogre iconKyogre

Primal Kyogre

#382 / Water

Piplup iconPiplup

#393 / Water

Prinplup iconPrinplup

#394 / Water

Empoleon iconEmpoleon

#395 / Water · Steel

Bibarel iconBibarel

#400 / Normal · Water

Buizel iconBuizel

#418 / Water

Floatzel iconFloatzel

#419 / Water

Shellos iconShellos

#422 / Water

Gastrodon iconGastrodon

#423 / Water · Ground

Finneon iconFinneon

#456 / Water

Lumineon iconLumineon

#457 / Water

Mantyke iconMantyke

#458 / Water · Flying

Rotom (Wash Rotom) iconRotom

Wash Rotom

#479 / Electric · Water

Palkia iconPalkia

#484 / Water · Dragon

Phione iconPhione

#489 / Water

Manaphy iconManaphy

#490 / Water

Oshawott iconOshawott

#501 / Water

Dewott iconDewott

#502 / Water

Samurott iconSamurott

#503 / Water

Panpour iconPanpour

#515 / Water

Simipour iconSimipour

#516 / Water

Tympole iconTympole

#535 / Water

Palpitoad iconPalpitoad

#536 / Water · Ground

Seismitoad iconSeismitoad

#537 / Water · Ground

Basculin (Red-Striped Form) iconBasculin

Red-Striped Form

#550 / Water

Basculin (Blue-Striped Form) iconBasculin

Blue-Striped Form

#550 / Water

Tirtouga iconTirtouga

#564 / Water · Rock

Carracosta iconCarracosta

#565 / Water · Rock

Ducklett iconDucklett

#580 / Water · Flying

Swanna iconSwanna

#581 / Water · Flying

Frillish iconFrillish

#592 / Water · Ghost

Jellicent iconJellicent

#593 / Water · Ghost

Alomomola iconAlomomola

#594 / Water

Keldeo (Ordinary Form) iconKeldeo

Ordinary Form

#647 / Water · Fighting

Keldeo (Resolute Form) iconKeldeo

Resolute Form

#647 / Water · Fighting

Froakie iconFroakie

#656 / Water

Frogadier iconFrogadier

#657 / Water

Greninja iconGreninja

#658 / Water · Dark

Greninja (Ash-Greninja) iconGreninja


#658 / Water · Dark

Binacle iconBinacle

#688 / Rock · Water

Barbaracle iconBarbaracle

#689 / Rock · Water

Skrelp iconSkrelp

#690 / Poison · Water

Clauncher iconClauncher

#692 / Water

Clawitzer iconClawitzer

#693 / Water

Volcanion iconVolcanion

#721 / Fire · Water

Popplio iconPopplio

#728 / Water

Brionne iconBrionne

#729 / Water

Primarina iconPrimarina

#730 / Water · Fairy

Wishiwashi (Solo Form) iconWishiwashi

Solo Form

#746 / Water

Wishiwashi (School Form) iconWishiwashi

School Form

#746 / Water

Mareanie iconMareanie

#747 / Poison · Water

Toxapex iconToxapex

#748 / Poison · Water

Dewpider iconDewpider

#751 / Water · Bug

Araquanid iconAraquanid

#752 / Water · Bug

Wimpod iconWimpod

#767 / Bug · Water

Golisopod iconGolisopod

#768 / Bug · Water

Pyukumuku iconPyukumuku

#771 / Water

Bruxish iconBruxish

#779 / Water · Psychic

Tapu Fini iconTapu Fini

#788 / Water · Fairy

Sobble iconSobble

#816 / Water

Drizzile iconDrizzile

#817 / Water

Inteleon iconInteleon

#818 / Water

Chewtle iconChewtle

#833 / Water

Drednaw iconDrednaw

#834 / Water · Rock

Cramorant iconCramorant

#845 / Flying · Water

Arrokuda iconArrokuda

#846 / Water

Barraskewda iconBarraskewda

#847 / Water

Dracovish iconDracovish

#882 / Water · Dragon

Arctovish iconArctovish

#883 / Water · Ice

Urshifu (Rapid Strike Style) iconUrshifu

Rapid Strike Style

#892 / Fighting · Water

Water-type Pokémon are separated within their category into three sub-categories: 

  • Pure-type Pokémon,
  • Primary-type Pokémon 
  • Secondary-type  Pokémon

As with all types, Water-type Pokémon perform better against some types than others. 

Water-type Pokémon perform well against: 

  • Fire types
  • Ground types
  • Rock types

They do not perform well against:

  • Water types
  • Grass types
  • Dragon types

Their average stats can be seen below: 

Screen Shot 2021 11 24 at 11.51.35 AM

It is worth noting that their powers increase by 50% during rain and decrease 50% during strong sunlight.

The 25 Best Water-Type Pokémon

We've explored the elemental type in general, now it's time to dive into the best of the bunch. Without further ado, the best water-type Pokémon across the brand's extensive universe.

25) Wishiwashi

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation VII

Wishiwashi is a water-type Pokémon. While its base form doesn’t make it a particular stand-out, through its schooling ability, it can evolve into a more powerful Pokémon. Its evolved form is feared enough to the point that even Pokémon such as Gyarados flee the scene when Wishiwashi transforms. With very well-balanced stats of 140 ATK, 130 Def, and a total of 620, schooling-form Wishiwashi is a formidable presence. 

24) Cloyster

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Cloyster is a Water/Ice-type Pokémon. Introduced in Generation I, it evolves from Shellder. It has multiple layers of shells, the first one being gray and the second one being violet. Its shell and spikes are harder than diamond. What makes this Pokémon useful is its defensive power. Using the powerful shell it possesses, it is able to defend against enemies. It can also launch its spikes to attack and swim. With a base stat of Def. 180, this Pokémon can prove useful. 

23. Sharpedo

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation III

Sharpedo is a dual Water/Dark-type Pokémon. It evolves from Carvanha and its final form is Mega Sharpedonite. This Pokémon has the ability to swim at 80 miles per hour, albeit not for long distances. It uses its fangs as weapons, which can cut through steel. It also uses its spikes to attack its opponents, including ships. Known as “The Brutal Pokémon” and “Bully Of The Sea”, Sharpedo possesses 120 ATK, making it a powerful one to have by your side. 

22. Starmie

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Starmie is a Water/Psychic Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Staryu. With an overall base stat of 520, it is well balanced. What makes it stand out is its ability to send electrical waves that are powerful enough to reach the furthest ends of the universe. While its 75 Def. and 85 Atk. are solid, the special attack it possesses makes it stand out. Its unique look has generated interest from fans of the series who’ve speculated that this Pokémon might be an alien. 

21. Omastar

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Omastar is a Rock/Water type Pokémon that evolves from Omanyte. It has multiple tentacles, which it uses to attack enemies. It waits for its enemies to get close, and then it wraps them with its tentacles, while using its fangs to crush them. Its fangs are strong enough to crush rocks. With a Defense base stat of 125 and a Special Attack of 115, there is more than meets the eye to this Pokémon. 

20. Tentacruel

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Tentacruel is a Water/Poison type Pokémon. It evolves from Tentacool. Tentacruel has red orbs that glow whenever it is excited or agitated, when it wants to communicate with its own kind, or when it attacks using ultrasonic waves. Tentacruel has 80 tentacles, which can be extended. It uses its tentacles to reach its target and then release poison. With a good Special Attack, this Pokémon surely lives up to its name. 

19. Wailord

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation III

Wailord is a Water type Pokémon. Wailord is known for its huge size. It is a Wishiwashi predator, but it can only handle its normal form. When Wishiwashi is in its schooling form, Wailord doesn’t confront it. Due to its tremendous size however, it is a big task to ask for any Pokémon to handle this water giant. Its 170 HP is what stands out, while its ability to create huge waves and also defend with its huge size means this Pokémon is good to have on your side at all times. 

18. Kingdra

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation II

Kingdra is a Water/Dragon type. It is the final evolved form of Horsea and Seadra. Kingdra is a powerful water Pokémon, which can break entire ships just by the undercurrents created from its yawn. Kingdra’s immense power has one flaw: It needs to hibernate for periods of time under water.  This Pokémon is said to come out and search for prey during storms, and is famous for having battles with its nemesis Dragonite. It very well balanced stats consist of 95 Attack, 95 Defense, 85 Speed, Special Attack 95 as well as 95 Special Defense.

17. Manaphy

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation IV

Manaphy is a Water type Mythical Pokémon. Manaphy does not evolve from another form. Together with Phione, it is a member of the Guardians of The Sea. What makes Manaphy special is its unique ability to make any Pokémon change its actions. Manaphy achieves this by using its Heart Swap Special Attack. It has an extremely well balanced base stat of 100 in all aspects with a total of 600. 

16. Milotic

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation III

Milotic is a Water-type Pokémon that evolves from Feebas. Milotic is relatively well balanced with 95 HP, 81 Speed and 60 Attack. What sets it apart however is its defensive ability. With a 125 Special Defense—not affected by status condition changes—the “Tender Pokémon” can be a very rigid opponent to beat defensively. This Pokémon is also considered by many the most beautiful Pokémon in the series, so it instantly goes in the fan favorite category. 

15. Golisopod

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation VII

Golisopod is a Bug/Water-type Pokémon. It evolves from Wimpod. Known as the “Hard Scale Pokémon” its shell is as strong as diamond. It’s a relentless Pokémon that will do anything to win a battle. With a total base stat of 530, what stands out is its Defense, which stands at 140. It has powerful claws that can rip almost every material in two. Regardless of its strength, it prefers to meditate deep in the water. Versatility in both attack and defense makes Golisopod a very powerful Pokémon to have in your side.

14. Primarina

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation VII

Primarina is a dual Water/Fairy-type Pokémon. It is the final form of Brionne and Popplio. Primarina has the ability to launch water balloons and use its voice to trigger those balloons to explode.  Known as the “Soloist Pokémon”, its strength is also is its weakness. If it repeatedly goes through battles, it can suffer loss of voice. With a Special ATK. of 126 and Special DEF. of 116, Primarina is a strong Pokémon with potent skills on the battlefield. 

13. Tapu Fini

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation VII

Tapu Fini is a dual Water/Fairy-type. It is famous for being the guardian deity of Poni Island together with Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Bulu being the deities of the other islands. This Pokémon has the ability to manipulate water and create a fog that puts its enemies in a trance, and the ability to bridge the worlds of the living and the dead. This bridge is dangerous however, as it can trap those who stay for too long. With a Special Def. of 130 that stands out, along with a 570 overall score, this Pokémon with mystical powers is a powerful ally to have in your side.

12. Volcanion

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation VI

Volcanion is a dual Fire/Water-type Pokémon. Its back expels steam, which helps it destroy objects. It is so strong that it can blow away an entire mountain. The fact that Volcanion can live for centuries, combined with the fact that this Pokémon is a Fire and Water-type, should let you know just how powerful and unconventional it is. Volcanion is surely unique and exceedingly strong. 

11. Empoleon

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation IV

Empoleon is a Water/Steel-type Pokémon. It is the final form of Piplup and Prinplup. Empoleon is much larger and uses its wings to slice anything it believes is a target. Those wings can also be used as a powerful defense tool as Empoleon is also a Steel type. With a Special Attack of 111 and Special Defense of 101, and with a diverse set of skills, it represents a very strong Pokémon in the series. 

10. Samurott

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation V

Samurott is a Water-type Pokémon and the final form of Dewott and Oshawott. This Pokémon has the ability to draw its blades to fight. It does so at a speed that is very hard for the opponent to see, and its slashing power is fatal. Also known as “The Formidable Pokémon”, it can attack very effectively by making its leg armor into a sword.

9. Feraligatr

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation II

Feraligatr is a Water-type Pokémon. It is the final form of Totodile and Croconaw. Feraligatr has the special ability to increase the effect of attacks with secondary effects, in exchange for neutralizing the second effect. This makes it very formidable in its offensive capabilities.

8. Lapras

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Lapras is a dual Water/Ice-type Pokémon with a Giganmantax form, which increases its abilities. It is one of the most intelligent Pokémon, as it understands human speech. With its shell protecting a huge part of its body, and its strength to carry over 5000 people without breaking a sweat, Lapras makes for a great ally, especially in the defensive/HP aspect. 

7. Vaporeon

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Vaporeon is a Water-type Pokémon and one of the multiple evolved forms of Eevee. This Pokémon has body features that resemble both aquatic and land monsters. It is diverse in abilities too, since it has a very high stamina as well as the ability to become invisible in water. Vaporeon has an HP of 130, which can be useful in a battle. 

6. Blastoise

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

 Blastoise is a water-type Pokémon and the final evolved form of Squirtle and Wartortle. With two water cannons on its shell at all times, it is said that Blastoise can shoot through a mountain and at a distance of 10km. While it cannot use precise shooting, it shoots water at a large density so that it can overpower enemies. With its legendary status in the Pok´mon fan-base, overwhelming water power, and high stats of attack and defense, this Pokémon is a huge help in battle and a popular choice. 

5. Swampert

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation III

Swampert is a Water/Ground-type with extreme strength and speed. It is stronger than most Pokémon with strength as their main ATK and faster than Pokémon with speed as their main ability. Besides offensive ability, Swampert can be very useful defensively through its defensive walls. Swampert can also evolve into a mega form, which makes it even stronger, or 630 base stat to be exact. This Pokémon is simply one of the strongest around. 

4. Greninja

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation VI

This Pokémon is characterized by its ninja-like movement. With swift and unpredictable speed and accuracy, Greninja is considered one of the most lethal Pokémon you could battle, especially in its Ash’s Greninja form. The water/dark type has an attack of 223. This Pokémon is the final form of Froakie and Frogadier. 

3. Gyarados

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation I

Gyarados is a dual Water/Flying-type Pokémon. It evolves from Magikarp, while it further evolves into Mega Gyarados. Its fangs can crush stones and its body is very strong. When this Pokémon goes on the attack, its rampage can last a month’s time since it is known to have a very impulsive nature. Its overall base stat is 540. Gyarados is one of the most feared Pokémon for a good reason, since it has the ability to stay in both fresh and salty water, jump out of it and stay in the wild, as well as a mega form that increases its stats exponentially. With this Pokémon by your side, very few things can worry you.

2. Kyogre

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation III

Kyogre is a whale-like Pokémon. It belongs to the water type, and if it has the blue orb, it can transform itself to have a whopping 770 base stat. Kyogre is considered the strongest water-type Pokémon, and therefore any Pokémon that has a weakness against water types is doomed to have a tough time with this sea ruler. It is most efficient against Fire, Rock and Ground types. Its power is so great that it can cause sea levels to rise. A part of the ancient-trio along with Groudon and Rayquaza, this Pokémon can expand oceans and cause chaos in the battlefield. 

1. Palkia

Bulbapedia / The Pokémon Company

Generation IV

Palkia is a Water/Dragon-type, and represents 1/3 of the Sinnoh Trio along with Dialga and Giratina. Palkia represents space and so naturally its ability is warping space and traveling through different dimensions. It is known that Palkia has battled with Dialga in the past. Its most famous attack is Spacial Rend. With a base stat of 680, its skills are balanced perfectly across all aspects. The ability to warp space and create new realities should be enough to let you know just how powerful this Pokémon is. Tack on its flying ability, and you have a terrifying enemy for any Pokémon, water-type or not. 

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