The 16 Best Years in Gaming History

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Close your eyes for a minute and revert to a simple time in your life when you're life consisted of school, outside shenanigans, extensive TV viewing, tons of music consumption, and gaming. Now when it comes to gaming, we know you remember all those amazing times when you woke up Christmas morning to unwrap a new video game console and a whole host of games to go along with it. Some of the warmest memories circling through your head come from the good old days of gaming and the monumental years that brought out the best titles that are still considered the best of the best. Right now, we're going to take a look at the 16 best years in gaming history - these periods are memorialized for containing a list of classic titles within a single year, plus a few of them mark the launch of some of the most illustrious consoles ever made.

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Best Years in Gaming History


1. 1985

2. 1992

3. 1996

4. 1997

5. 1998

6. 1999

7. 2000

8. 2001

9. 2002

10. 2004

11. 2005

12. 2007

13. 2009

14. 2013

15. 2017

16. 2023

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