Chance The Rapper Is Totally Playing ‘Fortnite’: ‘WTF a zombie just kilt me’

The Halloween-themed Fornitemares event comes with new heroes, enemies, weapons and missions

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"Yooooo wtf a zombie just kilt me," Chance The Rapper blurted in a vague tweet, but Fortnite players knew exactly what he meant. The Chicago lyricist was most definitely exploring Fortnitemares, the new Halloween-themed event in Fortnite's v6.20 update. 

Fortnitemares isn't all death and darkness, though. If you toss a Boogie Bomb at one of these zombie-like Cube Monsters, the walking corpse hilariously starts to dance, as gamer Chris Melberger discovered (video below). It's just one of the many limited-time features and additions to the massively popular online video game.

For Fortnite Battle Royale, destroying the undead is among the first set of fresh reward-earning challenges, which also include dancing with gargoyles, visiting corrupted locations and wreaking havoc with your trusty guns. You'll also find weapons like the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher, Fiend Hunter Crossbow, Stink Bomb and Six Shooter as well as a pirate ship mini game and updated Spiky Stadium.

In Save The World—the cooperative shooter-survival Fortnite gameyou'll discover new and returning characters like Quickdraw Calamity, Brainiac Jonesy and Skull Ranger Ramirez and use Rat Rod Weapon Set to complete your tasks, all while earning candy to advance in the game. The complete list of Fortnitemares features and updates is extensive, but this trailer does a solid job of encapsulating the best stuff. 

Did you spot the crashed Battle Bus and the Dark Engine Glider?

Here's what players other than Chance The Rapper are saying about Fortnitemares. 

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