The 19 Best Games Like 'Among Us'

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Despite being released in 2018, Among Us really took off at the height of the pandemic. It was the perfect game for big groups of friends to play together and keep in touch. The concept is simple. Your group of 10 aboard a spaceship is filled with eight crewmates and two imposters. The crewmates are tasked with odd jobs around the ship while the imposters try to sneak around killing them, all the while pretending to be crewmates. It leads to some interesting conversations in between rounds with accusations flying left and right. The game is about friends coming together to bask in all those hilarious moments of deceit. Many games embody those qualities and below, we’ve compiled a list of 19 of the best games like Among Us.

Games Like "Among Us'

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1. ''

Unlike Deceit, does look like Among Us. In fact, it doesn’t shy away from being somewhat of a clone of the popular game. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying out. Like Among Us added, this game also boasts roles like the Sheriff and Jester where you can kill a traitor or spread lies, respectively. Despite being in the Alpha phase, what's great about this game is that you can play it straight from a PC browser.


2. 'Deceit'

Deceit doesn't look like Among Us - it's a first-person shooter that puts you and up to 5 friends in the same game. One or two of the players have been infected with a virus and must collect the blood bags around the map so that they can change into a monster and kill players before they escape. Just like Among Us, the game will have you not knowing whether or not you can trust your friends with dire consequences if you wait too long or get things wrong.


3. 'Dread Hunger'

Dread Hunger is a game that mostly centers around survival. You're part of an eight-player team and you all must gather resources, craft supplies, hunt for food, protect against enemies, and more. However, this is of course a list of games like Among Us, so it might not surprise you to know that players can play dishonorably and act as imposters, killing other players for resources.

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4. 'Enemy On Board'

The concept of Enemy On Board is similar to Among Us. You and the rest of the crew are onboard a spaceship, but it has been taken over by extraterrestrial beings. Two of the eight players will play as aliens, using weapons and special abilities to try to get ahead. Eventually, lines of communication between players are cut off, making things harder for the genuine crewmates to win.


5. 'Granny’s House'

Being around another player that you feel is following you in Among Us can be a daunting experience. If that kind of thrill is what you like the most about the game, Granny's House might be for you. It's a horror game that almost functions like a game of hide and seek. You and your friends are in an evil granny’s house and if she captures you, you have to turn the tables and help her find your friends.


6. 'Hidden In Plain Sight'

Hidden In Plain Sight is about completing tasks and taking out AI without anyone noticing. To do this, you need to do your best to blend into the crowd and pass as one of the computer-generated characters. There are also other modes like "Death Race" and "Elimination" if you want to switch things up a little bit. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single-player mode, but if you'll constantly have friends to play with, that shouldn’t be an issue.

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7. 'Krimi'

Krimi is basically the free, online version of the popular game Deception: Murder In Hong Kong. The game works with anything from five to twelve players and the aim of it is to solve the murder by correctly identifying the murderer. You do this by asking questions, assessing evidence, and trying to find out what the murderer's M.O. would be. It's a great one to play with a group of friends or just online.


8. 'Mario Party Superstars'

While Mario Party Superstars doesn't really involve deception and trying to trick other players to get the win, it can feel like Among Us for many just because you're playing competitive games with a bunch of friends. The game functions as a board game but every few steps, you play a little mini-game for coins. It's great for linking up with friends and as a party game.

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9. 'Overcooked! 2'

This is another game that's like Among Us in the sense that it's great to play with friends and as well as having fun, you’ll be interrogating each other about what went wrong. However, in Overcooked! 2, that'll take place in the kitchen. The game is about running a restaurant and as that implies, you and your friends are tasked with taking orders, making food, and delivering dishes on a strict schedule.

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10. 'Project Winter'

Like some aforementioned games on this list, Project Winter combines the social elements of a game like Among Us with survival elements. You're in harshly cold conditions here with up to seven friends and one or two of them can sabotage your chances of survival. What's great about Project Winter is that it has a built-in proximity voice chat feature, making things that much more tense and realistic.

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11. 'Secret Neighbour'

Among Us did get brought to consoles recently, but a lot of players weren’t big fans of how it was ported over. If you do play on a PlayStation or Xbox and want to play a game like Among Us, try out Secret Neighbor. You and some friends sneak through a neighbor's house and try to avoid the traps they’re setting for you, but of course, there’s a traitor amongst you.

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12. 'Throne Of Lies: Medieval Politics'

Throne Of Lies: Medieval Politics certainly fits on this list, but it also does a great job of setting itself apart from the pack. It does this not just with its medieval aesthetic, but it's unique mechanics and features. You can leave behind notes to mock your attackers, keep notes to be uncovered in a journal in the event of your death and customize your characters without microtransactions, to name a few.

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13. 'Town Of Salem'

Town Of Salem feels like Among Us but on a larger scale. You can play in lobbies with 14 other players and there are 33 different character types to choose from, many of them with different special abilities. Your goal as one of the townspeople is to protect the other people of your town, but that job is made considerably harder by serial killers or the mafia, for example.

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14. 'Triple Agent'

If you want to play something like Among Us with a real-life element, then Triple Agent might be right for you. It's perfect for social gatherings because the entire game is played on one mobile device. Up to nine players can play at a time and each game lasts 10 minutes. You can either be a Service Agent, a Double Agent, or a Virus Agent, hence the name of the game. If players vote to imprison the Double Agent, the Service Agents win, otherwise, the Virus Agents win.


15. 'Trouble In Terrorist Town'

Trouble In Terrorist Town takes place on GMOD and is one of, if not the most popular game mode there. Players are split into one of three groups - Detectives, Innocents, or Terrorists. The former two must work together to figure out who the latter are before they are killed by them. It makes for some fun moments and the fact that the graphics and mechanics don’t take themselves too seriously makes the experience that much more fun.


16. 'Undercover: The Forgetful Spy'

Undercover: The Forgetful Spy can be played by up to 20 players all on one device, which makes it a popular party game choice. It must be said though that the smaller the initial group is, the more exciting and difficult it is for the traitor to win. The concept is simple. You're either a civilian, an undercover, or Mr. White. The civilians must try to out the other two groups while the undercovers need to survive to the end and Mr. White must also survive, or crack a secret word that the civilians are given.


17. 'Unfortunate Spacemen'

Unfortunate Spacemen, as the name suggests, is also set in space just like Among Us. The perks here are that you can play in lobbies of up to 16 players and that proximity voice chat is a built-in feature, so there’ll be no need to use Discord in the background. There are also new mechanics for the developers to brag about here, including but not limited to being able to eavesdrop on players and hide from them on the spaceship.


18. 'Werewolf Online'

If you want something like Among Us, but also like elements from Survival games, then Werewolf Online might be perfect for you. The game involves collecting resources to help save a village from evil forces. Of course, the twist comes when there are liars in the crew that is trying to deceive your team and destroy the village. The game allows for up to 16 players in one game and as long as you don’t mind ads, this is a great one to try.

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19. 'Werewolves Within'

Last but not least is Werewolves Within, which you can actually play in virtual reality if you have the capabilities on PlayStation. The game takes place in a medieval town where five to eight players must work together to find out who the undercover werewolf is. Everyone has a hidden role, which keeps the gameplay quite fresh and fast-paced.

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