The 26 Best Games Like ‘Far Cry’

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Since its inception in 2004 right up until the sixth entry in its mainline series entry in 2021, Far Cry has grown and maintained a fanbase that's drawn to its ability to offer some of the better first-person adventures in gaming. It does this consistently in open worlds that are great homes for its creative stories and unique cast of characters. A game that is as big, bold, and fun to play as a Far Cry game will no doubt be influential in its genre and the series has been just that. As a result, many first-person adventure games have borrowed from it over the years, which is a great thing for fans who want to play games that remind them of it. So if you want a break from the Far Cry series but love it so much that you still want to stay within a comparable world, below is a list of the 26 best games like Far Cry.

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Games Like 'Far Cry'

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1. 'Assassin’s Creed Odyssey'

If you don’t mind swapping Far Cry’s first-person view for a third-person view, then the Assassin’s Creed series in general will definitely scratch the same itch, especially Odyssey. It’s set in Ancient Greece, which was a highly requested home for a game for years by fans of the series. The AC series is also great for Far Cry fans because Ubisoft had a hand in both.

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2. 'Borderlands 3'

The Borderlands series is like the Far Cry series in more ways than one. If you want a first-person game set in an extravagant open world with memorable characters, then there’s arguably no better way to go than the third game in the Borderlands series, although be sure to play it through in release order.

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3. 'Crysis Remastered Trilogy'

The Crysis series started in 2007 and what makes it one of the best picks on this list is that it was made by Crytek, the developer of the first Far Cry game. In many ways, it’s a spiritual successor. If you do want to dive in, luckily there’s a remastered version of the entire trilogy for you all to enjoy. As far as quality games like Far Cry, this one comes extremely close to what you're looking for.

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4. 'Dying Light'

Think of Dying Light as one of the best zombie games you’ll ever play, fused with one of the best parkour games you’ll ever play. If that’s not enough to sell it to you, nothing is. There’s a great sequel waiting for you, too.

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5. 'Fallout: New Vegas'

The Fallout series is another that is held in high regard in gaming, especially Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout: New Vegas. All of these games feature vast open worlds and an insane amount of side quests that expand the experience of the game in a great way.

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6. 'Ghost Of Tsushima'

On the surface, you might not think Ghost Of Tsushima and any Far Cry game have too much in common but if what you liked most about the latter was exploring the open world and feeling like you’re on an adventure and journey, then you’ll be able to appreciate the former.

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7. 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands'

Ubisoft is responsible for all of the Far Cry games, so it’s a no-brainer that other games from them are definitely worth a try if you’re a fan. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a game in that series that feels especially like a Far Cry game. You’ll clear outposts and have to search through a big open world of life to do so.

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8. 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Even nearly a decade later, there are few wacky adventures on par with Grand Theft Auto V. The combat will definitely remind you of Far Cry and if you play the story in first-person mode, that’s a great final touch.

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9. 'Halo Infinite'

Although Halo Infinite started out as a multiplayer game, when the campaign eventually dropped, fans of the series called it one of the best in the franchise’s history. Halo Infinite’s story often gets compared to Far Cry, largely due to its open-world and first-person camera.

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10. 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Far Cry settings are known not just for being fun to explore with a lot in them, but also vibrant with color and great to look at both up close and at a distance. Another game that can make the same claim is Horizon Zero Dawn. This is an especially great choice if you like Far Cry Primal.

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11. 'Immortals Fenyx Rising'

Immortals Fenyx Rising got some stick when it first dropped for being very similar to a game that appears later on this list, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. But since then, it has grown out of that and is respected as a title that can stand on its own two feet. If exploring Far Cry’s open worlds is your favorite part of those games, definitely check this out.

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12. 'Just Cause 4'

When it comes to over-the-top adventures, few do it better than Just Cause. Causing destruction and liberating people is the aim of the game here and you do it with the great backdrop of a map that feels lifelike. And getting to perform all those archaic activities on an international scale makes this game a legit pick for one of the best games like Far Cry.

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13. 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain'

Metal Gear Solid V boasts not only an open world but one that will remind you of Far Cry in many ways. Clearing outposts, collecting resources, and getting into fights are the name of the game here.

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14. 'Metro Exodus'

This first-person shooter contains elements of survival and horror games so even though it will feel like Far Cry off the rip, there are other things mixed in that you might like. The game is set in 2035, on a post-apocalyptic earth. It’s set a year after the events of Metro: Last Light although you don’t necessarily have to play that to understand this.

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15. 'Rage 2'

Developed by Avalanche Studios in conjunction with iD Software, Rage 2 sees players become Walker, a ranger who explores the apocalyptic world around them after the planet was hit by an asteroid. The highlight here is in the combat which you can take part in with various different kinds of weapons.

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16. 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

Exploring the wild west at the turn of the 20th century is one of the best gaming experiences – so much so that it feels more so like you’re playing a part in a movie. This Rockstar Games gem is a must-play for gamers looking to get sucked into an experience that's on par with other story-driven titles on this list of games like Far Cry.

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17. 'Serious Sam 4'

Developed by Croteam, Serious Sam 4 has an arena design, which means you need to clear all enemies in one area before you proceed to the next. The enemies are aliens and to match that, the weapons here are wacky.

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18. 'Shadow Of The Tomb Raider'

Many of the Tomb Raider games are hit or miss, but 2018’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider was certainly a worthy addition to the franchise. It features some of the classic features of a game with Lara Croft at the forefront, with its great exploration mechanics and amazing action scenes.

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19. 'S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl'

The first game in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series is set in an alternate reality where after the devastation in Chornobyl took place, there was a second explosion that caused mutations in the world around it. It’s a great concept that’s executed well over the trilogy.

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20. 'Sunset Overdrive'

Sunset Overdrive takes place in an open world where an energy drink turns those that drink it into zombies and it’s the perfect opportunity that your character is looking to be a hero.

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21. 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'

Skyrim might seem like a thing of the past to you now but it’s still a game that is worth playing today. The great thing is you can just jump in, customize your character and get going without having to play any of the previous games.

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22. 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild'

This is not just one of the best Zelda or Switch games out there, but one of the best games out there bar none. It was so impactful in its genre that it has spawned multiple copycats that are great games in their own right. This is a must-play for its open world and how easy it is to escape into.

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23. 'The Saboteur'

Set during the Second World War, The Saboteur sees you on a mission to avenge your loved ones in Paris, giving off a similar vibe to the most recent Far Cry game. Driving, shooting, fighting, and exploring is fun here and there are some great parkour mechanics too.

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24. 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'

Wild Hunt ticks many of the same boxes as even the best Far Cry games, with a beautiful open world, great graphics, and striking storylines as the driving force for both of those things.

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25. 'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End'

The entire Uncharted series makes for one of the better adventures in gaming, especially the second and third games. Becoming Nathan Drake and hunting for treasure becomes one of the most rewarding experiences out there in gaming. Be sure to check out the original trilogy before you take a stab at this amazing sequel.

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26. 'Watch Dogs Legion'

Last but not least is yet another Ubisoft title that leaves a little to be desired for many with its execution of some great mechanics, but might be a great idea for fans of Far Cry to play.

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