The 23 Best Games Like 'Valheim'

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So before we get into our list of the best games like Valheim, here's a primer on what that main title in question entails.

Released in February of 2021 was Valheim, a survival and sandbox game developed by Swedish developer Iron Gate Studio. Despite being worked on by a very small team and still being in early access to this day, the game has seen incredible commercial and critical success. As of April 2022, the game has sold 10 million units, with half of that number coming within a month of it dropping. Critics are calling it a breath of fresh air, praising its gameplay and storytelling.

The game has its players exploring a massive world that is heavily inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. As you traverse the world, challenges become harder, but materials also get more valuable. The game features big boss fights, a creative crafting system, combat that requires and rewards patience, planning, and skill, a great food system, a beautiful world, and a lot more. For those reasons and more, finding a game quite like it is difficult, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

Below is a list of 23 games like Valheim, whether they compare to it in terms of general tone, genre, gameplay features, and more. Check it out below.

Games Like 'Valheim'

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1. 'Assassin’s Creed Valhalla'

Buy now, $24

2. 'Conan Exiles'

Buy now, $39.99

3. 'Craftopia'

Buy now, $24.99

4. 'Don’t Starve Together'

Buy now, $14.99

5. 'Drake Hollow'

Buy now, $29.99


Buy now, $19.99

7. 'Fallout 76'

Buy now, $39.99

8. 'Green Hell'

Buy now, $24.99

9. 'Grounded'

Buy now, $29.99

10. 'Metal Gear Survive'

Buy now, $29.99

11. 'Minecraft'

Buy now, $26.99

12. 'Niffelheim'

Buy now, $19.99

13. 'Outward'

Buy now, $39.99

14. 'Raft'

Buy now, $19.99

15. 'Rust'

Buy now, $39.99

16. 'State Of Decay 2'

Buy now, $29.99

17. 'Subnautica'

Buy now, $29.99

18. 'Terraria'

Buy now, $9.99

19. 'The Forest'

Buy now, $19.99

20. 'The Infected'

Buy now, $13.99

21. 'The Long Dark'

Buy now, $34.99

22. 'The Survivalists'

Buy now, $24.99

23. 'The Wild Eight'

Buy now, $24.99
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