H4X Launches Second Apparel Capsule Collection With Nate Hill

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H4X (pronounced “Hacks”), a well-renowned esports apparel company, is back with some exclusive heat. And for the second time, H4X is linking up with top-ranked Fortnite player and content creator for FaZe Clan Nate Hill for an apparel capsule collection. And if you’re hoping to get your hands on that collection’s fresh lineup of a genderless, tailormade drop shoulder hoodie and drawstring joggers, you’d better do it quickly - H4X’s first Nate Hill drop hit the web last March and sold out in less than two hours.

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The newly released collection, which has been dubbed “The Kid From Somewhere,” owes its inspiration to Hill’s favorite quote (“we are all just a kid from somewhere”) and his vibrant imagination. Hill’s hand-drawn doodles and FaZe Clan’s signature color association of red can be seen all over his second apparel drop. “I’m so stoked to be working with H4X for a second time,” Hill said. “I’ve always been passionate about fashion and I’m hoping this personalized collection inspires kids everywhere to follow their dreams, and also remember to have fun and not take themselves too seriously.”

Cole Gurman, H4X CEO and design/production lead on the apparel drop, made sure to speak on his excitement for this brand new collab as well. “It was cool to collab again with Nate to bring his vision to life," Gurman stated. "As gaming has become an integral part of our consumers' lives, we know first hand what it’s like for them to ‘turn it on’ and accomplish the near-impossible.  It’s really no different than a traditional athlete except for one disruptive element--the ability to maintain poise in a whimsical fashion. It’s an attitude of professionalism while not taking yourself too seriously, and that is what we are aiming for with Nate’s new 100% custom collection.”

Sean Bruce, Director of Business Development for H4X, also commented on the new collaboration. "It’s always a pleasure to work with talented fashion forward players like Nate Hill," he said. "As it allows our creative team to really develop something special together that is truly unparalleled by anyone else in the esports industry."

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Keep in mind that the H4X x Nate Hill capsule apparel drop is out right now. Head to to cop whatever you may need ASAP before the words “sold out” come across your screen. Oh and while you're here, be sure to check out our latest episode of Inside the Screen. Nate Hill pops in this time to talk about his modeling career, his time spent with FaZe Clan, and so much more.

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