Streamers’ Unique Approach to Style is Easy with JD Sports


The second edition of ONE37pm's livestream series with JD Sports went down last week, and it was an absolute banger. Hot off our previous stream with emerging hip hop artists, Aaron AKA "Don" sat down with some of the most interesting streamers in gaming right now—XMiramira, Krystalogytv and BigCheeseKIT—and got a chance to talk to them about their relationship to style as on-screen talent, as well as the future of gaming.

In 2021, being a professional gamer often requires you to be on screen for hours each day, thus cultivating a personal aesthetic has become an increasingly large part of a gamer’s brand. As an international brand, JD Sports gives its consumers access to numerous brands and styles as a part of their Global Access program. JD Sports Global Access makes it easy to access a wide variety of styles from all over the world, which is perfect for gamers who all have their own unique approach to preparing for their streams. Additionally, by giving you first priority with exclusive products, JD Sports’ buyers never have to worry about missing a drop.

So, how do XMiramiraKrystalogytv and BigCheeseKIT prepare for their days of streaming? Krystalogy shared that her style will differ from day to day: “If I need a confidence boost, I’ll make sure I dress to the nines,” and then adding, "If I’m tired and not really feeling much, I’ll throw on a hoodie.”

Xmiramira has a really interesting approach to getting ready: “I wake up and I just pick a color. And I just go from there.” But the color she picks doesn't necessarily correlate to her mood in the traditional sense. "I could be in a good mood and put on black, I could be in a bad mood and put on pink," she tells Don. The color-first method of getting dressed is just such a fun and unique way of getting ready.

What defines me as far as what I wear: I like to look good, I like to smell good. Everything good.

- BigCheeseKIT

BigCheese keeps it simple when it comes to getting ready. "What defines me as far as what I wear: I like to look good, I like to smell good. Everything good." Doesn't get much more straightforward than that.

As they four continued to talk about their styles, they eventually ended up in a conversation about how style is different for gamers than it is for most content creators. There isn’t a prescribed style or trend for gamers writ large. “I am my vibe,” Cheese stated, adding: “We wear what we wanna wear and play what we wanna play.” Xmiramira echoed the sentiment, saying, “A gamer can look like anything," before Krystalogy added a similar note about gamers' style: “Ain’t no dress code.”

Ain’t no dress code.

- Krystalogytv

They spend a lot of the interview discussing the greater world of gaming, how multi-talented streamers have to be (acting as producer, director, stylist, etc.) and some of their favorite games right now. Part of what made this stream so fun was how interdisciplinary it was; fans of gaming will want to hear what these burgeoning stars are rocking with right now and style aficionados will be interested to hear some style thoughts from folks not necessarily imbued in the world of “fashion.”

Listen to the full episode above and make sure to keep your eyes on ONE37pm's socials for our next few streams with JD Sports; you won't want to miss them.