'Knockout City' May Become Your Next Multiplayer Addiction

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Electronic Arts

If there’s one activity from gym class that energized you as soon as you heard it was on the agenda, it was definitely dodgeball. The simple act of picking up a ball and launching it as hard as possible at the rival team’s players was just too damn amusing. Was it the safest sport to play with a bunch of grade school kids hopped up on way too much sugar? Not exactly. But was it always worth participating in? Yep!

In the world of video games, there have been a few decent to great dodgeball experiences worth delving into. The Super Dodge Ball series that mostly thrived on Nintendo’s home and handheld consoles is the finest of ‘em all. Oh and shout out to Lupinball, which is a completely bonkers version of everyone’s favorite childhood sport. Now in 2021, we have a new contender in the dodgeball gaming subgenre worth celebrating - Knockout City. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by Velan Studios, this new IP takes the simple concept of dodgeball and helps it reach new heights thanks to a wealth of gameplay changing mechanics. And by the looks of it, it has the potential to become a breakout multiplayer hit and possibly a new esports trend.

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