Mobil 1 Challenges NBA2K Players to Tune Up Their Game

The 2K experience is going to the next level


NBA 2K is kicking off 2022 with a brand new initiative geared for 2K fans across the globe. Global esports organization Gen.G and Mobil 1, the official Motor Oil of the NBA, have teamed up to launch The Tune Up, a program designed to help NBA2K players tune up their skills and tune up the community.

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The Tune Up / NBA 2K

Here are the deets.

The Tuneup program starts today, and will launch with a NBA2K tournament, giving gamers the chance to compete for cash prizes of, fittingly, $2,000. Then in May, Gen.G and Twitch Partner LosPollosTV will host a second round of tournaments where more $2000 prizes will be on the line. Both tournament finals will be hosted on Gen.G’s Twitch channel at

That’s not all. There’s also an important charity component to this program. The Mobil 1 brand will collaborate with 2K Foundations for a court rehabilitation in Minneapolis, and with Project Backboard for two additional projects in Cleveland and New York, adding an additional dimension to the Tune Up concept.

Again, this project runs from now all the way until May, so don't miss out on the action. You can continue to keep up with updates via the NBA 2K official website. Also be sure to give the GenGTiger's a follow on Twitter.

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