Prepare to Rejuvenate With the Nadeshot Energy Drink, 'Juvee'

"Nadeshot" and 100 Thieves want to help you rejuvenate

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100 Thieves is known by many within the world of gaming as one of the largest gaming lifestyle and esports brands. From a consumer product standpoint, the organization has been successful at producing and selling apparel that sells out in minutes upon going live. Now 100 Thieves is taking another stab at mass developing a retail item that's catered to gamers and non-gamers alike. Here's a good look at the 100 Thieves and "Nadeshot" energy drink, 'Juvee.'

So for the uninitiated, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, is 100 Thieves' founder and CEO. All you have to do is head to the organization's official site and YouTube channel to see his face plastered everywhere you look. As one of the company's front-facing content creators, Nadeshot can be seen front and center in the marketing campaigns for the newly released Juvee energy drink.

As the founder of that new energy drink initiative, Nadeshot had this to say to Business Wire about what he and 100 Thieves' latest venture is all about: "We’ve created a new energy drink that was built completely on our terms and catered to our community’s lifestyle and interests, which are all centered around the joy of 'play.' Launching Juvee is a lifelong dream of mine that I know will enhance the experience of not only our world-class gaming creators and competitors, but anyone who's passionate about having more energy to do the things they love."

Juvee is pretty much a clever shortening of the word "rejuvenation." And for the past 18 months, it has been rigorously formulated, developed, and tested by prominent esports athletes and content creators throughout the gaming industry. Nadeshot has even been drinking it on the low for the last nine months within unmarked cans while streaming!

Currently, it comes in three different flavors: Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon Lime, and Tropical Crush. This new drink is available through Juvee's exclusive instant delivery partner, Gopuff. If you're curious about what's encased within every can of Juvee, you can refer to the drink's official ingredients listed below:

  • B Vitamins, Taurine, and 128 mg of Caffeine (equal to a double shot of espresso) for long-lasting energy
  • L-Theanine for elevated mood
  • Panax Ginseng (Maca Root) for sustained focus
  • Vitamin C for health and well-being
  • 0 sugar and only 5 calories per can

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Sam Keene, general manager for Juvee, delivered some exciting commentary to Business Wire regarding the market's need for improved energy drinks and the inspiration behind Juvee. "People don't want another energy drink to power them through the day; they want a more sustainable way to feel energized," he stated. "Times have changed and we’re noticing a shift away from an obsession with hyper-performance and bad-for-you ingredients in favor of finding balance, connection, and playfulness. Our inspiration when developing Juvee was to help people create their own energy, on their own terms, and be inspired to make more time for play."

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