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Spoiler Alert: We Think It's Gas ⛽️

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NBA 2K22 has finally arrived after months of the usual hype and anticipation that normally surrounds 2K releases, and I got in on the playing action. The 2K crew was kind enough to send a copy of 2K22 my way, and I spent the weekend exploring and experimenting with everything the game has to offer.

Obviously, you have 2K diehards that play the game every year, but as someone who hasn't played consistently in a while, I feel being away from the game allowed me to view my personal experience with a set of fresh eyes which I think is important because every year there is a new 2K fan purchasing the game for the very first time. Here is our take on the latest entry in the 2K franchise.

Day One (MYWNBA)

NBA 2K22 The W 1
NBA 2K22 The W / NBA 2K

As soon as the game finished installing, I went straight to MYWNBA to see what we were working with. To brush up on my skills, I started off with quick gameplay between the Las Vegas Aces and Chicago Sky. I elected to be the Sky, and in my opinion, I felt the gameplay did a good job of reflecting those two teams in real-time. I was absolutely dominant with Candace Parker (who has been unreal as of late) and was really able to utilize players like Diamond DeShields, Courtney Vandersloot, and Kahleah Copper. On the flip side, the Aces are closing out the season strong as well, and I found them tough to defend at times getting into foul trouble quickly. After the game, I headed over to build my own player which was fun.

NBA 2K22 The W 3 1
NBA 2K22 The W / NBA 2K

I grew up playing basketball and as a young girl I would have loved to have a WNBA mode, so of course, I went crazy. This was my first time creating my own WNBA build, and it was straightforward as usual. You can create any type of player you want, select which team you want to go to, and work your way through your journey of becoming a pro. Once again I opted to create a player for the Chicago Sky, and after that, I got started.

The more you play and continue to grow your game, the more opportunities are presented your way. One of those is the ability to participate in the “Off-Day” experience, which includes scrimmages, and the opportunity to connect and play against WNBA legends. I definitely want to continue my player’s evolution as we head into the postseason.


NBA 2K22 MyNBA Breeze
NBA 2K22 / NBA 2K

Day Two was all about MYCAREER mode. Obviously, you can’t complete the entire mode all in one day, but I was able to get a decent start. If you want you can go the college route prior to turning pro which allows you the chance to select your school and participate in March Madness activities. I created my player, selected the team I wanted to play for (which was the Cleveland Cavaliers), and played my first game against the Memphis Grizzlies. The game and dribble controls were good in my opinion, and the shot meter was helpful. Everything ran smoothly in terms of offense and defense.

NBA 2K22 City Aerial 1
NBA 2K22 The City / NBA 2K

I must say the storyline is intriguing and keeps you locked in the whole time. There’s going to be highs and lows as you progress through the season, and my goal is to keep checking in, playing games, and unlocking badges and rewards. The off-court experiences are neat, and almost makes it feel like you are playing an entirely different game altogether. Since I’ve yet to upgrade to a PS5, I don’t have access to The City—instead I have The Neighborhood, which is still an awesome experience. 

For those in the next-Gen category, you’ll have access to a new and improved version of The City with a lot more opportunities to build and expand your player. Of course when you aren’t playing or exploring, you can hop out MYCAREER and do other fun stuff like designing your own sneakers, and diving more into the 2K soundtrack. I’ll be sure to update more as I make progress.

Day Three (MYTEAM)

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Logo

Day Three was dedicated to exploring MyTEAM. Similar to MYCAREER, the MyTEAM mode is ongoing and will need a bit more than a day to get the full experience as well. 2K spent a lot of time this year revamping the mode, and as a result, MyTEAM will look different than in previous years. MyTEAM: Draft is a brand new mode where you pick a full lineup of Player Cards which will include the latest cards in MyTEAM. 

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Lineup

You’ll be able to choose 13 players plus your coach and dominate with the feature pack which can lead to great rewards and prizes as you progress. There are also exciting updates to Triple Threat Online, and the usual Pick-up and Skills challenges that you can play around with as you go through the seasons.

Final Thoughts:

NBA 2K22 Cruise Top Deck
NBA 2K22 Cruise Ship / NBA 2K

2K22 is an immersive experience that is fun, challenging, and varied depending on the type of gaming mood you are in. You can spend all day in MYCAREER going through your collegiate and eventual professional journey, or you can chill out for a couple of hours in MyCity or MyNeighborhood on a lighter gaming day. You can choose to spend the majority of your time in MYTEAM, or you can have days where you don’t play basketball at all and just design sneakers or check out the weekly soundtrack updates. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and I personally can’t wait to see what else is in store.

If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up your copy soon.

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