Rockstar Energy Drink Presents “Women in Control”


Take a look at the following statistics: Women represent 46 percent of gaming enthusiasts, 25 percent of global gamers are women aged 18-35, and 60 percent of YouTube’s gaming audiences are women. 

Even with those proven numbers in place, women are still underrepresented in some aspects of the gaming sphere. Within the streaming realm, there are a good amount of up-and-coming women personalities that have garnered some fanfare and proven they can be as entertaining—and just as lively—as most of their peers. That's why ONE37pm and Rockstar Energy Drink united in an effort to recognize four notable women within the gaming industry whose hustle is inspirational.

These women have worked hard to get where they are and are striving to hit even bigger goals as their careers blossom further.

Be sure to tune in on December 9 at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST for a special virtual roundtable on the future of gaming to hear their stories and find out how they're hustling as women in the industry. Streaming on Rockstar Energy, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

1. AvaGG

2. Erica Nagashima


4. BlackKrystel