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Rockstar Energy Drink Presents “Women in Control”


Take a look at the following statistics: Women represent 46 percent of gaming enthusiasts, 25 percent of global gamers are women aged 18-35, and 60 percent of YouTube’s gaming audiences are women. 

Even with those proven numbers in place, women are still underrepresented in some aspects of the gaming sphere. Within the streaming realm, there are a good amount of up-and-coming women personalities that have garnered some fanfare and proven they can be as entertaining—and just as lively—as most of their peers. That's why ONE37pm and Rockstar Energy Drink united in an effort to recognize four notable women within the gaming industry whose hustle is inspirational.

These women have worked hard to get where they are and are striving to hit even bigger goals as their careers blossom further.

Be sure to tune in on December 9 at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST for a special virtual roundtable on the future of gaming to hear their stories and find out how they're hustling as women in the industry. Streaming on Rockstar Energy, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

1. AvaGG

As a proud representative of the Queens Gaming Collective, AvaGG holds it down as your lovable everyday streamer. She rolls with any of the negativity that comes with streaming and offsets it with positive vibes during her lively game-play sessions. AvaGG got her start on YouTube playing popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, and Call of Duty. Once she caught the game live-streaming bug after watching her friends’ streams, she threw herself into the hobby headfirst and has managed to rack up 450k+ followers thus far. 

Her YouTube presence is still strong thanks to her entertaining stream highlights and vlogs that take a peek into her vacation life (she's quite the world traveler!). Plus, her participation in Twitch Rivals events has done even more to make her prominent within the gaming influencer spotlight. AvaGG’s future aspirations as a gaming event host and getting to work on shows are certainly attainable.

2. Erica Nagashima

Erica Nagashima is the ultimate package—not only is she an uber-talented vocalist and model, but she’s also a hardcore gamer who's attained the distinction of being an official Twitch partner. Taking a quick trip to her YouTube page will expose you to her original song arrangements and equally amazing covers. Erica’s a classically trained singer and can also play the violin, ukulele, guitar, drums, and piano. To say that she’s a musical maestro would be a severe understatement. 

When she’s not singing to her loyal viewers, Erica indulges in her passion for gaming as a variety streamer. Playing World of Warcraft with her mother is one of the main reasons why you’ll definitely want to tune into Erica’s Wednesday streams. And you can always catch us pulling up for another edition of her live Music Mondays series. Erica continues to define herself as an amazing singer, a highly sought-after model, and another top-tier talent for the Queens Gaming Collective. Her upward mobility within the musical, modeling, and gaming influencer spaces is definitely worth watching.


CRAY has been knee-deep in this gaming thing since the age of five: The games she regularly refers to as her favorites of all time are Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. When it’s time to stream for a few hours, she entertains her fan base via Twitch by scaring herself half to death with some horror games. And when she’s not getting spooked, CRAY enjoys discussing a variety of topics with her viewers during her “Real Talks" streams.

Besides gaming, CRAY puts in the work as a talented singer/songwriter and producer. Do yourself a favor and spend some time listening to her tunes “Bad Summer,” “Love Cemetery” and “Fractions.” She’s performed live DJ sets at festivals such as HARD Summer, Audiotistic and Electric Zoo. Plus she’s been on tour with the likes of Skrillex. CRAY stands tall as an avid Twitch streamer, a quality musician and is vocal about her autism, so those with the same diagnosis can look to her as a source of representation and inspiration.

4. BlackKrystel

BlackKrystel’s bubbly personality and infectious energy are magnetic—watching her for just a few minutes will automatically bring you into her world for the foreseeable future. As a gamer, she indulges in a variety of titles during her Twitch livestreams: She’s played games such as Bloodborne, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. Her professional endeavors are many: BlackKrystal is an influencer, host, streamer, cosplayer, advocate for mental health, and musical artist. 

As a signed artist under the Lost Rings music label, she’s delivered some club-worthy jams via “Waifu/Wifey” and “Party Up.” BlackKrystel is also a representative of the Queens Gaming Collective, a contributor and brand manager for The Game Fanatics, and an influencer and creator manager for OS NYC. It’s pretty evident that BlackKrystel has her hands in anything and everything and her work ethic is inspiring enough to make us want to add a few more jobs to our resumes. Her additional partnerships with Turtle Beach and ROCCAT are further proof of her unrelenting hustle.