The 30 Most Underrated PS4 Games

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God of War (2018). The Last of Us Part II. Horizon Zero Dawn. Bloodborne. Those titles are far and away some of the greatest games you can enjoy on the PlayStation 4.

Those games get all the love in the world, of course. But there's a long line of PS4 titles that are criminally slept on by many. You may have even heard of a few of the titles we're about to acknowledge, but chances are you've never actually played them. After perusing through this list of underrated PS4 gems, you'll instantly kick yourself for ignoring them up until this point. Several genres are covered here - action/adventure, fighting, first-person shooters, RPGs, etc.

So you'll have a good amount of diversity within this collection of amazing PS4 titles that deserve way more acclaim than they've gotten already.

1. ‘Transistor’

Supergiant Games blew everyone's minds with its Xbox Live Arcade game, Bastion. Its second release Transistor is just as good as its previous release but is spoken of a bit less for some reason. Make sure you fix that by showing it some much-deserved attention. Transistor retains the top-down field of view perspective from Bastion but switches up the combat mechanics by implementing a combination of real-time battles & the ability to plan out your attacks thanks to a slow-mo mechanic. The gameplay is strong here, plus the story being told throughout it is riveting.

2. ‘The TakeOver’

Streets of Rage 4 and River City Girls always get a mention when it comes to quality beat 'em ups of today's age. But another one that deserves more attention is this one. The TakeOver (which owes some of its development and marketing work to the great Matt McMuscles!) is a throwback to the golden age of arcade beat 'em ups. The game's unique presentation, catchy OST from recognizable composers, and addictive combat mechanics all come together in The TakeOver's incredible package.

3. ‘Helldivers’

Helldivers is not a walk in the park (or space colony, when you consider the game's focus on galactic traversal). As a part of a four-player unit of Super Earth's protectors, you set out across numerous locales and shoot down all manner of baddies. Fans of the Alien and Starship Troopers films will find a lot to love here from a thematic standpoint. The game's focus on cooperative shooting and challenging tasks offers a lot for multiplayer-minded players to enjoy. The final update that added the "Proving Grounds" mode provides even more mode variations to enjoy and welcome quality of life changes.

4. ‘Fairy Tail’

Most anime gaming adaptations stick to the arena fighter trope to varying degrees of success. Fairy Tail's console gaming debut came in the form of a surprisingly great JRPG that gives fans the ability to rebuild the reputation of Natsu and his ragtag group of guildmates. The clever grid-based battle system helps Fairy Tail stand apart from its contemporaries, plus the abundance of humorous moments and fun callbacks to the source material also adds to its satisfying adventure.

5. ‘Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments’

You'll have to put your brain into overdrive to have even the slightest chance at getting to the bottom of every case in this Sherlock Holmes caper. With 14 of the world's most famous detective's detection skills on your side, you'll be tasked with finding all the necessary clues needed to arrive at the right conclusion. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishment is a highly engrossing adventure game that's filled with twisting turns and shocking revelations.

6. ‘Cat Quest’

Imagine if Link from The Legend of Zelda was a heroic feline instead of a world-saving human. That random scenario comes to fruition in Cat Quest, an action RPG that offers a fun romp through a whimsical world that's spread out across a vast in-game map. Instead of entering different locales on each part of the map, Cat Quest does things a bit differently by having you enter combat, interact with NPCs, and perform other tasks on the map itself. There are still some cool dungeons to explore, thankfully. The hilarious banter between you and the many characters you'll come to love is memorable right alongside the entertaining battles and cartoony aesthetic.

7. ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’

They say don't judge a book by its cover, right? In the case of Bendy and the Ink Machine, that thought will be at the front of all your thoughts while playing it. One glance at it and you'll think it's some family-friendly cartoon adventure that evokes warm memories of Betty Boop and Felix the Cat. Spend some actual time with it however and you'll be transported to a super creepy world that's rife with puzzles and big scares. Prepare yourself for an eerie experience that's a mental roller coaster worth hopping onto.

8. ‘Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel’

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is one of the more slept-on anime fighters out here. Its roster full of femme fatales is lifted from a series of visual novels, games, and associated anime's from the world of Nitroplus & its creators. Its gameplay is full of hype thanks to a feature that lets you call on the assist of two partners, which does an awesome job of creating crazy combo opportunities for players. Don't pass on this one - Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel stands right alongside the best anime fighters in the sub-genre.

9. ‘Darksiders Genesis’

The Darksiders series has always seemed to fly under the radar when you start thinking about some of the best melee-focused action/adventure games out there. Darksiders Genesis switched things up by moving the camera above the two Horseman of the Apocalypse (out of the four, of course) and giving fans its own version of the dungeon crawling, action RPG gameplay that the Diablo series is known for. Running around with Strife & War while blasting & slashing a wide assortment of demonic baddies is fun as hell. And thankfully, the strong plot, interesting puzzle scenarios, and well-implemented progression mechanics keep the experience fun from start to finish.

10. ‘Onrush’

Onrush isn't about racing to the front of the pack to nab first place. Instead, it focuses on you assisting your team by ramming your rivals' vehicles right off the road. The madness that ensues during each onroad challenge in this game will regularly have you on the edge of your seat as destroyed cars go flying across the screen. This car combat simulator features a wide array of vehicles, stages, and modes that keeps its replay factor high at all times. If games like Rumble Racing and Split/Second amazed you, then make sure you give this one a try.

11. ‘Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir’

Japanese development studio Vanillaware is held in high regard for crafting beautifully animated side-scrolling action RPGs that look like you're playing through a storybook. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is a proper remaster of the PS2 underrated gem that brings all the fun and splendor fans have come to adore. This game provides hours upon hours of amazing beat 'em up gameplay that lets you run headfirst into battle with five fantastical characters. Exploring the visually appealing realm of Erion must be experienced within this high-quality adventure.

12. ‘Zombie Army 4: Dead War’

If you love the Sniper Elite series, then you should split your attention between that series and the Zombie Army spinoff games. Zombie Army 4: Dead War presents a highly addictive co-op shooter that tasks you and your three buddies with shooting down the shambling undead within the timeframe of 1940s Europe. You'll be treated to a full campaign here, plus a traditional Horde mode that presents an unlimited gathering of Armageddon baddies to eliminate.

13. ‘Night in the Woods’

Night in the Woods is an instantly relatable adventure game for those who chose to leave their college stay behind and return to their hometown. College dropout Mae Borowski is the anthropomorphic character you'll take control of during this particular scenario as you explore the town of Possum. You'll bump into old friends and come across some strange happenings in a game that will make you reflect back on your own trials & tribulations back in your 20s.

14. ‘Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash’

Now we wouldn't recommend you play this game while your mother's in the vicinity - she might give you the meanest side-eye when she sees what's happening onscreen. But we still have to give this game its props for being a shockingly enjoyable team battler that's all about using water guns. Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is a spinoff of the series of Musou-like action games that feature its familiar anime heroines in some fast-paced shooting matches. Sure, the overly sexual vibes are definitely a bit much. But the overall fun factor that comes with boosting and blasting in this game supersedes the "titillating" factors it harbors.

15. ‘Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise’

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise lets you wield the Hokuto Shinken martial arts mastery of Kenshiro and gets you embroiled in the conflicts centering around the city of Eden. The anime’s most important protagonists and antagonists make special appearances, which usually lead to some of the best boss fights in the game. Just like the Yakuza games, Lost Paradise lets you hop into some awesome minigames. Playing retro arcade games, running a hostess bar, hitting baseball home runs, bartending, etc. are all a blast. And of course, making enemies’ heads explode with Kenshiro’s fists of doom never gets old.

16. ‘Concrete Genie’

This PS4 exclusive still doesn't get the attention it so richly deserves. Now it's our job to make sure that issue is rectified. Concrete Genie puts you in the role of Ash, a young kid living in the town of Denska that is forced to deal with some harsh bullies. A major event takes place between the two, which leads Ash to discover the power to turn his illustrations into living portraits that help Ash solve a wealth of puzzles around town. Concrete Genie offers a deeply effective storyline, a unique art style, and an out-of-the-box approach to progressing your way through its journey.

17. ‘Blazing Chrome’

The retro gamer that exists within all us old heads is always yearning for experiences on par with the greats of the past. Blazing Chrome perfectly embodies the fast & furious shoot 'em up action of classics such as Contra: Hard Corps and Gunstar Heroes. This run & gunner is awesome as it gives you a nice mix of freedom fighters to run with across 16-bit locales full of explosive action. Link up with one of the homies so you both can enjoy some intense local co-op gunplay as you take down a wealth of robotic baddies.

18. ‘Gravity Rush 2’

The first Gravity Rush got ported over to the PS4 and proved to be an engrossing action/adventure experience that made series protagonist Kat even more of a fan favorite. Gravity Rush 2 got released exclusively on PS4 and is a vast improvement over its predecessor thanks to an even more striking visual pallette, a larger world to explore, and three new gravity styles that make combat & the simple act of floating even more spellbinding.

19. ‘Mad Max’

Avalanche Studios, the developers behind the bombastic Just Cause IP, outdid themselves when they got their hands on the Mad Max license. The game that came from that concerted effort led to the creation of one of the better licensed open-world action games we've ever played. Mad Max throws you in a post-apocalyptic world just like the movies - you'll find yourself engaged in some gritty brawls and definitely shred wheels across the desert in your custom ride. The vehicular combat in this game is its definite claim to fame.

20. ‘Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana’

The Ys action JRPG series has gained quite a loyal following thanks to its beloved main protagonist Adol and the game's fine-tuned battle mechanics. The eighth mainline entry in the series takes players to the cursed Isle of Seiren after getting shipwrecked on the high seas. With a second protagonist in tow (Dana), a combat system that's incredibly deep & rewarding, and a surprisingly addictive village upgrading system, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana offers a ton of content to enjoy.

21. ‘Furi’

Your twitch skills better be on point if you want to have just a sliver of a chance at beating Furi. This game is the literal definition of a boss rush mode simulator - as a mysterious warrior known as The Stranger, you'll have to contend with some of the toughest foes you've ever faced. Combining elements of bullet hell shooters and fast-paced melee combat, Furi offers a massive challenge that only the most dedicated gamers will overcome. Thankfully, you'll feel accomplished and have plenty of fun while you figure out each boss' gameplan.

22. ‘Echo’

Echo is the ultimate mind trip. Imagine having to be as stealthy as humanly possible while a planetwide palace creates literal clones of you to disrupt you. Overcoming the game's AI will make you an even better gamer as you try to get past its highly adaptable actions. Speaking of actions, the game's AI takes note of everything you do since...well, it's you! It's a shame that publisher/developer Ultra Ultra has been shut down - their one and only project Echo is a fine piece of work that looks incredible and offers a fresh perspective on stealth-based gameplay.

23. ‘Shadow Warrior’

3D Realms' original Shadow Warrior IP came back in a major way back in 2013 via a quality reboot that you have to experience. If the rebooted DOOM games captured your attention, then Shadow Warrior will do the exact same. Lo Wang is your main first-person shooter vessel here as you use melee weapons & a wealth of guns to eliminate both human & supernatural foes. Shadow Warrior's an old-school shooter at heart, but its surprisingly solid story will actually make you care about everything happening behind all the bloodletting.

24. ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’

A Plague Tale: Innocence throws you into the tumultuous period of the Hundred Years' War, which is a time setting that deserves more video game adaptations based on how good it came out here. In in, you play as Amicia de Rune and do everything in your power to protect your little brother Hugo. You'll need to rely on your sneaky abilities in order to stay ahead of brutal French Inquisition troops and even an army of bloodthirsty rats. This game will certainly tug at your heartstrings as you come to know the game's two main protagonists better and follow them during their epic struggle.

25. ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’

If you're looking for a JRPG on PS4 that gives you something akin to the Pokémon, then look no further than Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. You'll do everything in your power to get to the bottom of a cyber mystery that endangers the human world. And while you do so, you'll befriend and upgrade a host of recognizable Digimon monsters that aid you in battle. Thanks to a compelling plotline and familiar yet wholly enjoyable monster-raising mechanics, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth ends up being one of the better anime games on PS4.

26. ‘Freedom Planet’

Freedom Planet looks, sounds, and feels like a long-lost 16-bit platformer. For the retro heads out there that still remember the golden era of platformers that put anthropomorphic mascots in a featured role, you'll definitely want to take this one for a spin. Moving at crazy speeds, pulling off slick combat maneuvers, and collecting a whole bunch of sparkly items are all in tow here. Freedom Planet revisits the 16-bit golden era of gaming in the best way possible. After beating this one, you'll have all the love in the world for Lilac and Carol!

27. ‘Titanfall 2’

It's depressing how Titanfall 2 was pretty much put out to pasture as its release date was sandwiched in between 2016's Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. While it was a financial disappointment, Titanfall 2 ended up nabbing a highly positive critical response and now a ton of folks recognize how amazing it truly is. For those of you who haven't played this one already, do yourself a solid by hopping into the game's amazing single-player campaign. The multiplayer is still a destination spot for hardcore FPS veterans and fans of giant mechs, too. Titanfall 2 is a classic FPS that definitely deserved better at launch.

28. ‘Ruiner’

Set in the year 2091, Ruiner lets you take the fight to a citywide controlling conglomerate known as "Heaven." You embark on this difficult mission within a cyberpunk world in a bid to rescue your kidnapped brother. Shooting down the opposition is done from a top-down perspective that gives you a wider view of all the explosive mayhem that erupts during each enemy encounter. Put your augmentations and firearms to good use in this slept-on isometric shoot 'em up.

29. ‘The Surge’

Now here's a "Souls-like" game that incorporates future technology in a clever way that offers a fresh perspective on the popular sub-genre. Instead of hacking and slashing medieval beasts, The Surge has you taking the fight to maniacal bots and rival humans outfitted in their very own exoskeletons. This game's combat factors in dismemberment mechanics, which lets you target enemy limbs and chop them off in order to alter their combat styles and finish them off in style. The Surge offers a different perspective on From Software's Souls series and does so by offering a different environment/theme to get sucked into.

30. ‘Warriors All-Stars’

Koei Tecmo sure loves its Musou games! Besides the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games, there's been a ton of other Musou experiences dedicated to popular anime and other gaming IPs. Warriors All-Stars makes the formula even more enticing by featuring a roster full of the best characters from within the Koei Tecmo library. You'll get to choose three characters per stage and cut/shoot through hundreds of baddies that are unlucky enough to confront you. With a roster full of characters such as Ninja Gaiden's Ryu Hayabusa, Dead or Alive's Kasumi, and even Samurai Cats' feline version of Nobunaga Oda, Warriors All-Stars presents an awesome way to bask in the wonderful world of Koei Tecmo.

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