Xmiramira Talks Expanding Diversity in Gaming From the Ground Floor

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Brandon Shamy / ONE37pm

On this week’s episode of Inside the Screen, Aaron AKA Don sat down with New York-based gamer Xmiramira. Primarily a Sims streamer, Amira created the Black Simmer, “a community & forum dedicated to diversifying the Sims community.” They cover a ton of ground in her interview, discussing everything from her genesis in modding (at only 12 years old!), the future of Sims and making a career out of gaming.

This is an episode for the books. Between her advice and incredibly astute assessment of what needs to change in gaming, Xmiramira is an absolute earthshaker in contemporary gaming culture. She is continuing to change gaming for the better; we can only hope the industry will follow suit.

You can follow her on IG, Twitter, her personal website and Twitch. Queens GG has also recently collaborated with ColourPop Cosmetics on a beauty collection, so make sure to keep your eyes on their Twitter for all the latest news.

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