10 Companies’ Share Prices 10 Years Ago Vs Today

Here's how much you would have made if you invested back then

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In a remarkable turnaround since the 2008 financial crisis, the stock market has had its longest bull run since World War II. Companies’ share prices have soared as a result of the economic upturn, creating an abundance of stocks with impressive returns. While the overall market has seen a wave of disruptors, many legacy corporations have proved to be worth the investment. Here’s how much money you would have made if you invested in these companies 10 years ago.

Disney: $26 then, $135 today

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It’s hard to imagine a world without the magic of Disney. The company started out as a cartoon studio in 1923 and went public in 1957, just two years after Walt Disney created his first theme park in Anaheim, CA. Since then, it has grown into a media giant worth more than $130 billion

Disney generated a record $12.6 billion in profit last year, and only continues to expand its empire with new ventures. This year alone, it released blockbuster hit “Avengers” Endgame,” opened a Star Wars themed land, and will launch a subscription streaming service in November. The announcement of that launch brought Disney stock up 12 percent, its best day since May 2009. 

The company’s stock has risen steadily over the years, climbing from $26 a share just 10 years ago to $135 today. If you had invested $1000 then, you would have earned nearly $6,000 for an annual return of 19 percent. 

Amazon: $84 then, $1,800 today

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Amazon was just an online bookstore three years before its IPO in May 1997. Today, it hovers near the $1 trillion market cap, soon joining the ranks of Apple and Microsoft. The world’s largest retailer has ventured into new markets as of late, acquiring Whole Foods Market for $13.4 billion and launching its own streaming service, voice assistant, consumer products and original video content. What’s more, Amazon is constantly improving its services and expanding its reach. It recently announced free one-day shipping, putting competitors like Walmart on edge. 

Amazon’s stocks have performed well over the last 10 years, making it a great long-term investment in the tech sector. Although the company experienced some slowed revenue growth this year, shares are up 19 percent and are predicted to hit $1,920 by year’s end. Amazon’s stock is currently valued at $1,800, and was just $84 10 years ago. Your initial investment of $1000 would be worth $21,000.

Google: $233 then, $1,184 today

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Since it went public in August 2004, Google has become one of the most powerful information gatekeepers and Internet companies in the world. The search engine leads competitors Facebook and Amazon in digital advertising, and its services dominate cloud computing, video, artificial intelligence and consumer products. That means it collects an enormous amount of consumer data, stoking calls for more federal regulation

Alphabet became the holding company for Google and several other smaller companies in 2015, which is why it appears as “GOOG” on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Its shares are currently priced at $1,184, so if you invested 10 years ago when it cost $233, you would’ve made more than $5,000 today.

Netflix: $6.44 then, $290.36 today

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The subscription streaming service that revolutionized entertainment has seen enormous growth over the last decade. Those who invested in 2009, just two years after Netflix first began streaming, would have earned significant returns. Your $1000 would be worth nearly $50,000 today with a 47 percent annual return. 

Investors should still watch out for competitors like Hulu and Amazon Prime, as well as newcomers like Disney+ and Apple TV+, who may slowly chip away at Netflix’ dominance. The company recently missed subscriber expectations in its second-quarter earnings, and despite its successes in original content, popular shows like The Office and Friends will soon leave the platform.

Apple: $23.83 then, $204.56 now

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One of the most iconic brands to date, Apple has revolutionized how we communicate with its range of personal tech. It achieved a market value of $1 trillion last year, but iPhone demand has since dwindled as less consumers trade in their old phones. The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China, where most iPhone manufacturing and assembly happens, could also potentially hurt sales. The company is pivoting toward services like Apple Music, iCloud storage and a new streaming service to compensate for some of that loss. 

Apple saw tremendous earnings and sales growth between 2004 and 2012, so 2009 would’ve been a great time to invest. At $24 a share, a $1000 investment would have risen steadily to nearly $13,000 today.

Microsoft: $24.41 then, $135.58 now

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The software company has seen many successes since it went public in March 1986. Microsoft recently pivoted away from its legacy Windows operating system toward cloud computing, a move which has paid off well. The tech giant is now the third U.S. company to hit the $1 trillion market cap, and it earned $110.4 billion in revenue last year. But that’s not all—Microsoft also owns LinkedIn, Skype, GitHub and Xbox on top of all its other software. 

Microsoft would have been a smart investment a decade ago, given that its stock has nearly tripled since CEO Satya Nadella took over in 2014. Shares have gone from $24 to $138, making an initial investment of $1000 grow to more than $7,000.

IBM: $8 then, $134 now

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The 108-year-old company has withstood the test of time by investing in cloud computing, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, which has increased earnings to $79.6 billion last year. It also recently made its largest buy in history, a $34 billion deal to acquire software maker Red Hat. 

Although IBM’s stock up 20 percent this year, it’s still one of the cheapest stocks you can buy for a major cloud-computing business. Its current price is $134, quite a jump from $8 just 10 years ago. However, your $1000 investment would only be worth about $1,500 today.

Dominos: $8 then, $232 now

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To compete with third-party delivery apps like UberEats and DoorDash, the world’s largest pizza-delivery chain has leaned into its “fortressing” strategy, which it started in 2012. Under the strategy, Dominos has opened new stores closer to its customers in an effort to speed up delivery time. Although it opened 200 stores in 42 new U.S. locations, the company’s shares fell seven percent last month after missing its second quarter sales target. 

The pizza delivery wars aren’t great for today’s buyers, but if you invested in 2009, your $1,000 would have grown to more than $34,000 today. Since Domino’s revamped its recipe in 2010, shares have jumped from $8 to $232, showing just how many fans the brand has.

Nike: $14.22 then, $82.63 now

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Nike can thank Serena Williams and Colin Kaepernick for last year’s sales of $1.54 billion, a 26 percent jump from 2017. With Adidas, Under Armour and Lululemon crowding the market, however, the athleticwear king has struggled to grow U.S. sales. While Nike is still outperforming its rivals, it underperformed slightly in its fourth-quarter earnings. The company said its profit margins went down partially because of its new focus on direct-to-consumer sales

Nike has has a solid track record since its IPO in December 1980. If you purchased $1000 worth of Nike shares in 2009, your investment would be worth more than $8,000 today.

Starbucks: $9.80 then, $96.43 now

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Since its creation in 1971, the Seattle-based coffee chain has become a global entity, and a highly profitable one at that. Starbucks is currently worth $115 billion, and its earnings only keep climbing. With a current share price of $96, analysts predict that Starbucks is nearing an all-time high. Maybe it has something to do with its infamous pumpkin spice latte making an unseasonal return

Starbucks IPO’d in June 1992 at $17 share, which went down to $9.80 in 2009. A $1,000 investment at the time would be worth more than $34,000 today.

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