Meet Aylo: The Creative Behind Some of Your Favorite Music Videos

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While you may not know the name Aylo yet, you probably know some of the work this director, editor, animator, and creative has worked on over the past few years. Aylo, whose real name is Ryan Dylan Selkirk, is a creative currently hailing from New York City. Aylo has worked on projects for artists such as Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, Sleepy Hallow, 347aidan, and Toosii (just naming a few). 

 In September, Cactus Jack's SoFaygo released the music video for "Let's Lose Our Minds," directed and edited by Aylo. The video has quick, transdimensional animations and a unique storyline that is consistent throughout the video. The song's theme is compatible with Faygo's previous project, Angelic 7, with a mystical feel. Be sure to tune in below. 

We spoke with Aylo to discuss his creative process, projects he's worked on, and more!

1. How did you go from releasing edits on Instagram to eventually working with some of the biggest artists in the world? 

Networking every single day. When I was making edits on Instagram and didn't have anything music-related, I would still build and connect with people in the industry. If you ever want to reach out to someone and work with them - just shoot them a DM. You'd be surprised where it'll take you. Most of the artists I've worked with have all happened due to me reaching out over Instagram DM and saying I loved their music/wanting to work with them.

2. What's the creative process like when working with prominent artists? Is there a back-and-forth when it comes to the collaboration process?

It's case by case. Some artists like to be super hands-on and learn the process, while others prefer to leave the creative in my hands and see the results to add feedback afterward. I love both. I like teaching the artist about the entire creative process so they can see the full extent and stages of how something is developed from raw footage to the final product. It really helps to go into the next project for an artist to understand the process, so they have some insight when showing them work and ideas in progress of whatever you're working on. 

3. What piece of work/video means the most to you? 

Every project I choose to work on is an important one for me. I'm on a mission to push myself every video and just one-up the video I did before. I want to make things that I'd like to see as a viewer, and I'll only agree to do a project if I'm passionate about it. I try to treat every music video as a mini-movie that could be developed into a film. That's my mindset on it. 

Every video in the last year has had a lot of meaning to me as it's been an enormous step forward in me chasing my dreams and becoming a director. 347aidan's "Demons and Monsters" was the first time anyone had ever trusted me and allowed me to put my vision into a video fully. Especially allowing me and my friends to make a 2D animated video when we had never created one. We just knew we could do it. That's a big reason why that one will be special to me. It was my first fully-directed video with my full vision put into it. Everything after that has been a blessing. 

4. What can the audience expect from you within the next five years? Anything special you’re working on?

I love music so I'll be working in the music industry for a long time. I plan to work with more pop artists and expand the amount of genres I work in. I grew up watching tons of pop & EDM videos, which really inspired me to do what I do today. 

Definitely will be entering the film/tv/commercial world. These industries and music both go hand in hand. In the next few years, what I end up doing is all building towards going into film in the long term. I have so many ideas that I know once produced will be some of the greatest movies anyone has ever seen - so I'm excited to get into that.  

5. What would you say to aspiring directors and editors out there?

Only you know your vision & nobody, but you knows that. Push for what you believe in. You'll have to go through many ups and downs, but just know that you will appreciate what you did today in the future. If you ever think about giving up - think about why you started doing what you're doing in the first place and go back to those initial moments/movies/shows/music videos (etc.) that made you want to do what you're doing now.

Try to find other things that make you happy too. Go for walks, workout, bike, game; balance is super important if you're going to last the long term. Just make sure you're happy. When looking into an industry from the outside, things can seem super distant and impossible, but know that everyone is no different from you. Once you realize that - you'll understand that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Keep going.

After working on large projects throughout 2020 and 2021, his work has contributed to over a hundred million views. Aylo is looking to continue to build off his work so far by asserting himself in the media world for years to come. 

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Additionally, check out these music videos, including Aylo's most recent with Sheff G: 

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