'Tables Turn' with Beanz's Latest Album

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Beanz, whose real name is Sabrina Perez, hails from Reading, Pennsylvania. If you're unfamiliar with the budding artist, she first began to receive serious buzz on Netflix's Rhythm and Flow, a music competition for rappers. Since the appearance, Beanz has gained over a quarter of a million followers on Instagram, nearly thirty thousand TikTok followers, and over twenty-five thousand monthly Spotify listeners. 
Beanz released her new album Tables Turn, which was released on November 5th. Since the release, it has amassed a whopping 1.7 million streams on Spotify alone, a tremendous feat for the budding artist. If you haven't listened to the album yet, give it a listen below. The project features artists including Dizzy Wright, Benny The Butcher, and Eric Bellinger.

The album opens with "Hugh Hef," a song challenging listeners to be the best version of themselves. The production under Beanz's rhymes is a soulful, jazz sax-filled melody reminiscent of the opening song for Saturday Night Live. Then, Beanz introduces a switch up on the beat and pacing of the track, with a flow switch similar to a 2011 Meek Mill song. In short, Beanz shows her versatility on this track, showing she can deliver bars on a soulful or upbeat, hard-hitting beat. 

Currently sitting atop Beanz's Spotify and second on the tracklist is "Pink Drink," an aggressive and catchy song that asserts Beanz's confidence in herself. In the song, she delivers the lyrics, "And if you keep on going, that's what they call consistent. It's what separate the two 'cause that is all the difference, And I'm a stoner, I be out here smokin' all the b******." Beanz continues to flow, saying that she's sweeter than the pink drink at Starbucks, which develops the title for the sound. Tune in to the sweet song below! 

The album's self-titled fourth song is "Tables Turn" featuring Los Angeles' contemporary R&B artist Eric Bellinger. Eric opens up the track with comforting and calming lyrics. Following the first chorus, Beanz jumps on the tune, delivering lyrics about an ex-toxic love interest. Following that, "Can't Call It" delivers a corresponding track that dives into the themes of adversities and the inability to reflect on what someone is saying to her, whether or not the subject means it. She released this song as a single back in July 2020 and saw terrific success, with the music video reaching over six hundred thousand views. 

On "How I'm Feeling" and "Wake Me Up When I'm Dreaming," she dives into the depths of her self-confidence and her work ethic. Listeners are resonating with that message as well. One fan commented on her song, saying, "I'm feeling the conviction in your delivery. I can tell you mean every single word and take time to craft quotables instead of just filling in 16 bars." 

Aside from her conviction and precise word choices, listeners are picking up on her consistency, another attribute that she frequently preaches. Throughout 2021, Beanz has dropped numerous singles, which now appear on the album, and related videos. This consistency has helped Beanz develop a loyal fan base that recognizes her diligent attention to detail regarding her lyrics and distribution of her music. If you need a better understanding of what her fans are preaching and what I am talking about, tune in to the music video for "Wake Me Up When I'm Dreaming" below! 

On "Blow Me," she raps over an optimistic and upbeat beat complimented by a catchy guitar riff. Her ability to rap behind the beat while still dominating the track and grabbing the listener's ears and attention is exemplary in this track. She continues this aesthetic with "Ventilation Interlude" following the track. 

The album ends with songs such as "Surf" with Dizzy Wright, "As Seen on TV" with Benny The Butcher, and "Leave." These songs feature a sample selection that commends both her voice as well as Benny's and Dizzy's vocal performance. You need to tune in below! 

Mike Boyd Jr of ONE37pm and VaynerX has been playlisting Beanz consistently in case you haven’t noticed. So while writing this article, I asked Mike Boyd what makes Beanz stand out, with Boyd giving us this quote. 

"Beanz is an artist that GaryVee, ONE37pm, and myself believe in. When you listen to her lyrics, you know she is serious about her craft. I know that this album has been a labor of love and I’m so happy to be able to listen to it from start to finish." - Mike Boyd Jr 

If you're looking for a strong and talented artist emerging in the hip hop industry, check out Beanz. She delivers a confident, robust flow of storytelling. She is one to keep an eye out for!

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