The 50 Best Drake Songs Of All Time

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In his 12-and-a-half-year career since signing with Young Money in February of 2009, Drake has gone from an unlikely success to the biggest rapper on the planet. Even after his surge, he was being counted out with people saying his days were numbered and it turned out that he hadn’t even hit his peak.

He’s gearing up to release his new album Certified Lover Boy any week now and before then, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best Drake songs up to this point. Check out the list below and let us know if you think we missed anything out.

1. ‘0 To 100 / The Catch Up’

2. ‘5AM In Toronto’

3. ‘9AM In Dallas’

4. ‘Back To Back’

5. ‘Blem’

6. ‘Bria’s Interlude’

7. ‘Cameras / Good Ones Go Interlude’

8. ‘Club Paradise’

9. ‘Connect’

10. ‘Controlla’

11. ‘Days In The East’

12. ‘Diamonds Dancing’

13. ‘Digital Dash’

14. ‘Diplomatic Immunity’

15. ‘Dreams Money Can Buy’

16. ‘Duppy Freestyle’

17. ‘Fear’

18. ‘Feel No Ways’

19. ‘Free Smoke’

20. ‘Free Spirit’

21. ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’

22. ‘I Get Lonely’

23. ‘Is There More’

24. 'Jaded’

25. ‘Jodeci Freestyle’

26. ‘Light Up’

27. ‘Look What You’ve Done’

28. ‘Lord Knows’

29. ‘Lose You’

30. ‘Marvins Room’

31. ‘Mob Ties’

32. ‘No Tellin’’

33. ‘Paris Morton Music’

34. ‘Sandra’s Rose’

35. ‘Say What’s Real’

36. ‘Shut It Down’

37. ‘Signs’

38. ‘Star67’

39. ‘Summer Sixteen’

40. ‘The Calm’

41. ‘The Motion’

42. ‘The Ride’

43. ‘Too Much’

44. ‘Trust Issues’

45. ‘Tuscan Leather’

46. ‘Two Birds, One Stone’

47. ‘Weston Road Flows’

48. ‘When To Say When’

49. ‘Wu-Tang Forever’

50. ‘Up All Night’

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