The Best Kanye West Albums, Ranked

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No matter which way you feel about him personally, you can’t help but agree with this unanimous statement - Kanye West is simply a beast behind the boards. 

When he steps into any studio, an amalgamation of incredible sounds will form under his watchful eyes and ears to create a soundscape like no other. The man is responsible for producing some of the greatest beats the world has ever laid witness to for the GOATs such as Jay-Z, Common, Brandy, and so much more. 

His beat-making mastery is legendary, but so is his lyrical deftness and strong ability to put together an unforgettable body of work on one album. Since 2004, Yeezy has dropped solo projects that have either stood the test of time or been relegated to a forgettable footnote in his storied career. This writer in particular has listened to all of Kanye’s LPs from front to back for an assignment that I’m sure will elicit some “passionate” responses. 

In my humble opinion, these are all of Kanye West’s albums ranked from worst to best.

10. 'Jesus is King'

9. 'Ye'

8. 'Donda'

7. '808s & Heartbreak'

6. 'Yeezus'

5. 'The Life of Pablo'

4. 'The College Dropout'

3. 'Late Registration'

2. 'Graduation'

1. 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'

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