30 Best Rappers of All Time

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What makes a great rapper? Any hip-hop head knows that there are a few answers to this question. There’s the flow, the storytelling abilities, cultural impact and of course lyricism. The best rappers of all time have mastered how to be top tier in all the rap categories. G.O.A.T. rappers have emerged from the East Coast to the Westside to the Dirty South to the Midwest, introducing the larger world to their distinct flavor.

Debating the best rapper is something that’s been done since the very inception of this genre and won’t stop anytime soon. This year marked fifty years since DJ Kool Herc fathered the genre and culture we all know and love and we’ve decided to rehash the grand old argument once again; who are the best rappers of all time?

Below, we’ve considered lyrical ability, influence, discography, impact and more factors in our list of the 30 best rappers of all time.

30. Common

29. Nicki Minaj

28. T.I.

27. Jay Electronica

26. The Game

25. Scarface

24. Rick Ross

23. 50 Cent

22. Royce 5’9”

21. Ice Cube

20. Drake

19. Lauryn Hill

18. Jadakiss

17. DMX

16. J. Cole

15. Ghostface Killah

14. Rakim

13. Yasiin Bey

12. Kanye West

11. André 3000


9. 2Pac

8. Black Thought

7. The Notorious B.I.G.

6. Lupe Fiasco

5. Kendrick Lamar

4. Eminem

3. Lil Wayne

2. Nas

1. JAY-Z

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