The 25 Best Underground Rappers Right Now, According to ONE37pm

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So far, the rap game has been ready for a takeover by one of the best underground rappers, now more than ever before. The game has been pushing emcees to step it up a notch. But now, there are new talents who are rewriting their way to success and greatness thanks to the introduction of a different sound that’s catching the world by storm. Whether it’s the re-emergence of the UK drill sound causing the birth of “New York drill music” or the South stealing a page of Andre 3000 by “having something to say,” there are new talented acts who have been turning heads with their bopping headbangers that resonate a new generation of hip hop fans.

Here’s our list of the best underground rappers you should keep an eye on because they are bound to have a big year. We were right about the best underground artists in 2020, and we'll be right about them again in 2023.

5. Glockstar Dimi

Listen to “(G)ELLY”

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