Bino Rideaux Connects for Sixtape 2, His Upcoming Tour, and Nipsey Hussle

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Los Angeles-based rapper and songwriter Bino Rideaux is coming off of a hot 2021 following his latest single “CREEPIN” and his collaborative project Sixtape 2 with Blxst. Bino joins Mike Boyd on Monday To Monday to discuss his upcoming tour, the main things that he learned from the late, great Nipsey Hussle, and his latest project Sixtape 2. Be sure to tune in below! 

Bino kicks off the episode by introducing himself to those who may not know who Bino is. Boyd chimes in by noting that he met Bino years ago during a studio session with Nipsey Hussle and Garyvee. Bino said that his hair was pink at the time, and he always used to dye his hair. Boyd then asks Bino how it feels to be where he’s at right now, and Bino states that it feels like a long time coming. Within the interview, you can hear Bino’s humble beginnings as he said he is willing to put in his hours within his career. 

Boyd and Bino then go into detail about what his mindset is when it comes to collaborating with other artists. Bino emphasizes that music always comes first. He further states that he has to respect the artist and their message because he knows there is always a deeper meaning than just music. Finally, Bino says that he wants to look back on his career and be proud of everything, including the people he works with within the booth. 

Following that discussion, Bino and Boyd shift to talk about his latest album Sixtape 2, featuring fellow Los Angeles-based artist Blxst. Boyd goes on to ask Bino what his favorite track was, where Bino states, while it is hard to pick one song, that it would be “Beginning To The Ending.” He believes that this is his favorite track because the song gives the listener a certain feeling. He compares it to riding around your home city and feeling everything at the moment - that’s what stands out the most about that song for Bino. Next, Boyd asks what made them put the song last on the tracklist. He stated that he and Blxst thought it would be a perfect closer, especially with the title. He further adds that album intros and outros act as a first and leave an impression. 

Boyd talks about his team, as he knew his manager for a while now, and gives some time for Bino to shout out his other team members. Bino further adds that you can sign to a record label, go on tour, and do different things during your career but your team is all you have. Bino said he is huge on teamwork, learning it from Nipsey. Continuing to mention that you want to have everything in-house and building a solid foundation is vital in your career. 

Be sure to tune in to catch up with Bino Rideaux on this week’s episode. 

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