Channel Tres Discusses Self-Care, Working With Tyler, The Creator, and More

Greg Noire

The growing state of hip-hop has and is continuing to witness an evolution with its sounds, personalities, and acceptance of what's "in." And while specific genres and other areas of interest have either failed at the start of their new eras or lost steam throughout their run, hip-hop's embracement of change sees no end to its success. Why? Because that's where Channel Tres enters the picture.

Coming from Compton, CA, home of legendary hip-hop acts NWA and Kendrick Lamar, Tres doesn't fit your picture of the "average" rapper from there.

Although he's a talented MC who displayed his excellent songwriting and flows with Tyler, The Creator (their 2020 "fuego" collaboration is special), Tres's magic comes in the form of blending hip-hop with bounce music and R&B; ultimately creating an experience where you have no choice but to dance or feel your emotions.

"I took self-care more seriously [throughout this pandemic]," Tres told me following his performance at Governors Ball. "Along with getting sober and losing weight, it was a great time for me to refresh and discover the things I wanted to work on in my life." As Tres embarked on his journey for self-care, he built upon the momentum of his 2020 surprise mixtape, I Can't Go Outside, and collaborations featuring Emotional Oranges and Terrace Martin by releasing new music this past March (the soulful seven-track instrumental EP, refresh).

ONE37pm had the chance to speak with Channel Tres about the importance of self-care, working with Tyler, The Creator, and what his most significant piece of life advice would be.


ONE37pm: When thinking about what's happening with you this year, what was your biggest point of focus entering 2022?

Tres: To work out more, be more positive, and appreciate the moments I see my family. Of course, being able to be outside and travel is important too. But I'm also learning how to smell the flowers and enjoy myself.

ONE37pm: It's been discussed-- the impact this pandemic had on artists and their ability to make music. How did you initially handle it?

Tres: I had the chance to become a reflective person and see the things I wanted to work on in my life. It seemed like time was moving fast, and I was always on "go mode," but I was able to slow down, and that time was precious for me. I saw what was happening in my mind for one of the first times in my life.

ONE37pm: Alongside releasing your own music, you've had some noteworthy collaborations (Tyler, The Creator, and Emotional Oranges). What did you learn most while working with them?

Tres: There are beautiful artists and cool people out there who are doing the same thing as me. It's nice to know those people and have the chance to make music with them. I'm interested in collaborating with others and have some collaborations in the works.

ONE37pm: Last question for ya. What is your biggest piece of life advice?

Tres: I'm not qualified to give advice, but if I were qualified [laughs], I would say, "be yourself." Do so without anyone's opinions or filters on your thoughts, and find out what you like and stick to it.

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