Checking In With Chris Crack

Chris Crack brought the fun with ONE37pm's Mike Boyd on this latest 'Checking In.'

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Chris Crack

Capturing national attention with his boundary-pushing music and lyrics, Chris Crack has never been one to mince words or put himself in a box. With his recently released singles ‘Washed Rappers Ain’t Legends’ and ‘Haters Forgot They Were Fans First’ gaining traction, the artist continues to approach his music with a ‘painters’ mindset. The rapper who also calls himself ‘Lil Delicious’ certainly brought the entertainment on this segment of ‘Checking In.’

Boyd: So tell us about ‘Haters Forgot They Were Fans First.’

Chris Crack: I felt the election was messing up my streams, but my manager said that totally wasn’t true. Anyway, I just wanted to drop something man! You know how I’m coming bro! The haters be acting like they aren’t in tune so a brotha gotta get up with them!

Boyd: How did you come up with the name?

Chris Crack: That’s real stuff right? You’ve done it, I know I’ve done it where I look up to certain rappers and you realize people aren’t who you thought. Most of your haters are old friends and old acquaintances because those are the only people that have time to keep up with you like that.

Boyd: What’s your favorite song on the project?

Chris Crack: ‘Kramer on Murphy Brown.’ It’s like the realest one. Real short—only like a minute long. 

Boyd: Why are you the king of song titles?

Chris Crack: I don’t know, man! You know how everything’s so uniform—like people think because you make a song called ‘Ain’t Trippin About These Girls,’ you have to name it that. Why can’t you name the song Bunyan Burger?

Boyd: 2020 being the craziest year ever, do you feel it changed the way you approach things?

Chris Crack: The quarantine ain’t nothing new—I’ve been quarantining since 2015. It just made me come about it a different way because it’s like now everybody’s locked up—it used to only be me. Now y’all doing what I’m doing!

Boyd: How’s Your Process With The Samples?

Chris Crack: If it’s from the producers, I just do what they do and go with it. If I picked it, then it's some stuff that makes me think of a song I used to love—nostalgic stuff.

Boyd: What’s Your Studio Setup?

Chris Crack: Some weed and something to drink. We gotta be able to tweak out. Have fun—y’all be too serious. Cool Out! Have fun! I promise life is fun. That’s why I like 21 Savage. He’s supposed to be this tough guy, but he’s gonna sing R&B to you, he’s gonna talk nice to you—I mess with him because he knows how to be a chameleon.

Boyd: You like gaming or anything?

Chris Crack: I used to play a lot of games, and when my homie died, all of the time went to music. I love some 2K, though, and GTA 5! They’ve been milking that game!

One thing’s for sure, Chris Crack will always bring the vibes, laughs, and good music. You can keep up with the rapper's latest projects on Instagram and Twitter.

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