DDG Is 'Moonwalking in Calabasas'

DDG Is 'Moonwalking in Calabasas'

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From making YouTube videos during his time at the University of Michigan, to now being a rising younger rapper in the game, DDG has spent the last five years elevating himself as both an artist and entrepreneur. With over 9 million subscribers on YouTube, and 9 milli on Instagram, DDG has been a masterclass worthy example of how to cultivate your talent to the fullest while taking advantage of social media platforms. His remix of the track ‘Moonwalking in Calabasas’ just recently entered the Billboard Hot 100, and the artist checked in with ONE37pm’s Mike Boyd to talk about his vision for 2021.

Boyd: You’ve got three ions of the song ‘Moonwalking in Calabasas.’ Talk to us about that. That song is so hot you have to do it three times or what?

DDG: Man I’ve noticed a lot of artist’s remixing their own tracks lately! It’s extra consumption, but these are also artists I was listening to before I got hot in the game. So to work with them on this was very humbling. It was a dope experience. I just had fun with it!

Boyd: I saw you were going to have some music with OG Parker coming out.

DDG: Yeah we got a crazy tape we are gonna drop, and it’s gonna change the whole game! We are dropping it very soon—it’s looking like less than 60 days. I don’t know how much less, but I know it’s less than 60. 

Boyd:  How did you and Parker link?

DDG: We did some music prior, but I never really got in with him. My managers just brought it up to me and asked me if I wanted to do this joint tape. I was already with it, so we met up in Miami, and that’s when we started. We recorded every single day for like five days till like 6 in the morning. Then we came back to LA and finished it. 

Boyd: So for anyone who is new to your music, what should they listen to for an intro to who you are?

DDG: That’s a great question! I’ve got a song called ‘Cottonmouth’ that I really enjoy. I have a lot of music that’s really good, and in my opinion, some of it is better than ‘Moonwalking in Calabasas.’ There was a song called ‘OD’ that I made, and ‘Moonwalking in Calabasas’ obviously. I feel like I grow with every song that I do. 

Boyd: I see you boxing outside of music!

DDG: Yeah man I used to box back in the day. I can knock the kids out!

Boyd: The videos you post look real professional. Is that what you do outside of making music?

DDG: Man I used to drop like three videos a day on YouTube. It’s all about quality to me—I used to shoot and edit my own music videos. I used to be all into that.

You can keep up DDG’s latest releases on Instagram and Twitter.

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