How L.A. Artist Duckwrth Became Billie Eilish's Opener and A Men's Fashion Star

We spoke to the artist about his rising career


It’s only the beginning for Duckwrth. A rapper/singer/fashion extraordinaire representing Los Angeles, this young artist has been steadily gaining buzz with his catchy music and capturing the style spotlight with equally notable outfits. The “SuperGood” phenom has kept busy since his “positive vibes” filled debut, releasing his latest effort, SG8*, this past September to warm reviews and praises. Constantly exploring the depth of his artistry, Duckwrth is making his imprint both on fashion and music, bringing together two worlds that often go hand-in-hand. 

ONE37pm: How have you grown since your last EP?

Duckwrth: This last project was really about magnifying a different world and how we were in different places. Covid made life take a full 180 for everybody, and it was a difficult time. I started battling with anxiety which is something I had never dealt with before Corona, and I knew there were a lot of other people dealing with their own struggles as well. So I really tried to create something that helped everyone with what they were going through.

ONE37pm: You just performed a set of sold-out shows and made waves at Paris Fashion Week. What was that like?

Duckwrth: It was surreal! It was crazy seeing people who knew my music and all of the media publications and paparazzi. They were snapping photos, and it was really revealing in terms of my trajectory and where I’m going. It was insane!

ONE37pm: What can we expect in terms of future releases?

Duckwrth: 1970s nostalgia is my current body of work. SG8* was all about recovering and getting the mind right, and now I’m ready for the next project. It’s going to be electronic, future-driven, and will incorporate the new sounds I have been experimenting with. This record will have more black, silver, and mercury textures. It’s going to be fun!

It’s going to be fun indeed. Be sure to keep up with Duckwrth on Instagram and Twitter for all future projects.

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