#Face2FaceTime with loveliveserve

Meet the guys who took lip synching to an entirely new level of swag

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An idea that started just a month ago has quickly flourished and become one of the internet’s most talked about visual concepts. loveliveserve, a YouTube channel started by two young men by Ryan Burton and Noah Taitano, has introduced an interesting new way of paying homage to pop and hip-hop culture.

"When the music video doesn't match the song" is the title of the concept that has fans going crazy. The idea came when Burton pulled up a random trap music video and then opened up another tab and played a pop song. Suddenly, a lightbulb lit up and Taitano said to himself, "We can do this." 

The first installment, featuring Big Time Rush's song, "Boyfriend", was a massive hit that has been seen by more than 6 million people on YouTube. The video became so big that even rappers tweeted Burton and Taitano to express their appreciation of being reintroduced to forgotten hit tunes like Jesse McCartney's "Beautiful Soul". 

The most recent addition to their channel is building on their immense success. The remake of Justin Beiber's hit song “Somebody to Love” exceeded 2 million views in two days. 

Watch here as Burton and Taitano sit down with ONE37pm associate editor Omari White to discuss their funny and genius idea.

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